Drive from Albany to Cleveland

So I had to drive from Albany to Cleveland yesterday and make a stop in Buffalo at my favorite bookstore. I must say the Thruway ranks up there as one of the most boring roads one can take across New York State. Not my choice I prefer the 88 or 31 or newly built 86 otherwise known as the southern tier expressway- the old route 17. Boredom during a drive is usually not the case- but here after listening to around 10 different cds- Starting with a ska mix, Judas Priest, Brucer Dickinson, Dio, 480 East, Parliment, Ray Charles, TuPac, and finnally settling for the local country music station. In my boredom I noticed something very interesting. I stopped many times on the trip to pee- which halichically one may not hold in by the way. In Pennsylvania I stopped at a pilot truck stop and noticed the immediate change in the type of people on the road. It went from volvo and mini van driving folks who have a bunch of kids and wear khakis to a lot full of old chevy’s and f-250’s driven by fat dudes in carhart jackets and camoflauge hats. There was an instant change from yuppie to white trash. Now I know PA is full of trash. Other then the ethnic stew of Pittsburgh and Phily the other cities do seem pretty trashy. One who has spent any time in Williamsport or Scranton will dutifully agree with my observation.

It may just be that truck stops line I90 throughout the midwest with their huge signs featuring all night buffets and hot showers for 3 bucks and these places generally attract folks who work at night or drive trucks and the sort. Or maybe the midwest is just a trashy place. Indiana no doubt is quite trashy besides the Liberal enclave of Bloomington- not really counted since its a college town.

Just my thoughts froma boring drive.