The treif chicken scandal: forcing Jews to pay double

So I don’t live in such a large Jewish community so things like burning shietle parties and the treif chicken crisis take days to travel to my neck of the woods. On top of this the Jewish Press-Week, Yated and Hamodia are not available to me for a quick glance at the latest from the Jewish centers of Brooklyn, Lakewood and Monsey. So when I heard about the unfortunate incident of Jews having to pay double the price for non-kosher chicken when they could have easily paid half that at their local grocery store I was completely taken aback.

I was also taken aback at the media coming out about how some folks knew about it and people suspected him and so forth. I was reminded of the Rabbi Lanner incident with the touching of NCSY kids at conventions and of the recent Mark Foley scandal. If folks knew about this why not come forward. I understand for people who were fondled by their LOR or priest would most likely be embarrassed, but hello people this is chickens we are dealing with. Furthermore they were getting ripped off, how common is it to meet a fellow yid in the store who will proclaim that a better deal exists at some other establishment. We Jews or humans shall I say are always looking for a deal, and yet fellow yidden stood around and watched their brothers and sisters pay double the price for chicken- shame on you.