I hat this job search thing

So I graduated school in August and told myself I would start looking for a job after the Alaska extravaganza. And I have been feverishly searching. Sitting every night for the last week for 5 hours at a time in coffee shops drowning myself in overpriced coffee and pounding on my keyboard through live jazz sessions, open mic nights, and rowdy teeny boppers. Yes all this is what one who lacks internet access must put themselves through in order to utilize “free” wireless at local coffee shops.

Numerous accounts have been made, career builder, monster, nytimes, Washington Post, USA Jobs, Jewish Jobs etc…It is an endless process of typing in search terms that turn up absolutely nothing. “Legislative Assistant” reveals health administrator jobs and positions for sous chef. Then I type in “public policy” and I get jobs for video producer. Job searching is insane. I have applied for around 15 positions already. The only one to get back to me was an automated reply from the NRA- yes thats right folks the NRA is seeking a legislative assistant- so I thought why not.

On top of this frustration is the pure simple fact that every job in my field is in the DC metro area- so much for living in a cabin in Montana. As frustrating as this might seem, its good for you, the reader- all this internet time requires a few breaks- usually resulting in posting some blogs. I also get to hike and ride my bike all day since I cant sit on the net more then 5 hours.