Frummies and Politics

So your sitting there minding your own business peacefully scarfing down your matza ball soup with those little yellow croutons, when suddenly someone delves into the sketchy subject of how good of a job our dear president is doing.Everyone pipes in their two cents about how well the war on terror is going, and how Bush let Israel strike Lebanon and how Bush is so moral by preventing stem cell research and Gays from living peacefully, and how the economy is doing soooo well.

Suddenly a steady stream of challah, matza ball chunks, chicken broth and croutons is sprayed from your mouth going up your nose and landing two feet infront of you on the nice white table cloth- as you choke on your food and try and comprehend what you just heard. You wipe your mouth as best as possible and try and prevent yourself from lunging with all your might at the person who just said this- A little bubble abovce your head imagines the good old days from the Clinton era when gas was 99 cents a gallon, high paying jobs were still in this country, the only war going on was with Kosovo and college tuition was half the price of now- you transfer back to now. The man is mumbling that you are some crazy Liberal and that we are soooo much better off now then under Clinton.

This brings me to our brainwashed culture. As a gun toting, country music listening, Milton Freedman Capitalist, UN hating, Kahane kinda dude- I as a conservative am appalled at the frummy Bush fans. The only understanding of frummmies and politics is the Israel Complex- Republicans are good for Israel- True- but they aren’t good for much else.

Now we all have opinions and we all swing to one side undoubtedly but one should to the best of power try at least to be a “little” open minded and try to see where other people are comming from. In the frum world it seems this is not the case- any anti-Bush is bad, I even know in the shidduch dating world that political views sometimes wreck potential shidduchim.Why if I say that I think Gas and oil prices are directly caused by the administration and their middle eastern policies should I be yelled at and ultimately discarded- whatever happened to multiple opinions- It goes the same way on college campuses where I am branded as a right wing wacko.

Ok I am finished- I am bored with this post