Back from Alaska

After 6 glorius weeks away from the internet, shopping malls, foreign cars, people, subarbia, and Jews- I am back in the saddle again. I have dozens of stories to tell and rants to make. Unfortunately I will not be able to do so for a bit, but I thought I would check in with my gracious readers and critics alike.

Just for statistical purposes I embarked on my trip with my two companions from Detroit MI on August 29th at 4:00pm and returned on September 29th at 2:00am. I drove over 11,000 miles in a little more then a month. I was able to gain to visit and experience 1 state and two Canadian Provinces that I had never even been close to. I met many interesting people and stayed in a whole bunch of wierd places including a houseboat owned by a native that sat on cinderblocks in Seward, Alaska. I was able to chill out with a Jewish Eskimo from Barrow, and when I got stuck in a riverbed while offroading, two kids moose hunting on ATV’s with rifles strapped to their backs pulled my car from the sand. All this craziness combined with superb scenery, amazing hiking, tons of wildlife viewing and untracked wilderness void of such familiarities as powerlines and roads- has made this the most amzaing road trip- life experience ever. I have tons to write about and will do so in the near future.

I thank those of you who have been making my blog a success and all those comments received while I was on vacation. As of June when I started my blog there has been 6000 views, many more than I would have ever expected.

Thank you,