On banning the internet

Before the internet there was porn, phone sex, strip clubs, prostitutes, swinger bars, raves, etc..Actually all these things still exist and unfortunately are actively used by people in frum communities. The internet has brought the prostitute and porn star into the homes of millions of poeple, I understand this. Why am I writing this?

I sit not better for a man or women to search for materials top fill their sexual desire on the internet, rather than on the street or in the club? Looking at dirty websites must be a bit better for someone then actually doing the act? Everyone is horny and has desire even “gasp” frum people. Many of them choose not to act on this and live their lives as fully observant Jews, but many frum folks – I know because of the search terms used to get here – do seek out illicit materials on the internet.

I would venture to say that internet actually is better if used for porn and other materials since they are merely looking rather than actually doing the act?