Jesus- why do his peeps everyone hate him so much

My rear tire gently landed on top of the concrete divider seperating the bike path from the jogging path. I enjoyed the higher altitude as I stood suspended in mid air supported only by my rear tire. My front tire was spinning as I moved my handelbars around to complete the     X-up while I stalled. Cleanly completing the X-up I shoved my wieght up and back, forcing the entire bike to pogo off the 2 foot high ledge and move back in one fluid motion. As I perpared for landing and the inevitable rolling backwards, I realized I had pulled up too much, I quickly jumped off my pedals and landed with both feet, 3 feet behind me on the ground. Just as I landed I heard a women yell ” Jesus Christ, Mother F—”

Instead of yelling some explitives back at this rather good looking, spandex clad, sweat ladden runner, I began to ponder the significance of her statement. I began to think that people really dislike the man of the cross other wise known as Jesus, JC, Yushka, Cheese and Rice, and Cheeses. Why do people feel the need to yell Jesus’ name with explitives, or use it when they get hurt, cut off, or other similar bothersome events.

Do Jews feel the need to scream “Hashem” at a driver who cut us off “do we dare, use G-d’s name with an explitive?, Do we scream the Lords name when something bad happens? NO, we dont. So why do non-Jews constantly use the word Jesus when something bad happe