Compliements to the Mt Sinai shull in Washington Heights

So this weekend I had to visit some friends of mine in the lovely up and coming singles area of Washington Heights. Dueling the upper west side for the singles scene crown Washington Heights has many things going for it, including an abundance of fairly decent looking frummies, an interesting culture of loud but friendly Hispanics, a cluster of insular frummies at Broyers, and an interesting shull called Mt Sinai.

Mt Sinai is where the singles go, simply put- its easy viewing through the mechitza at the opposite sex, abundance of hotties and nerdy YU/NCSY types, full urinals, carbonated beverages and shalosh suedos, and its shortened prayer service that ends at 11:15 am on shabbos, decent amount of leg room, good cushions for the bum- so you can get through laining without having it fall asleep, and a leather couch oustide the sanctuary that indeed can provide a sanctuary for those souls who cant take the lengthy shachris on shabbos, indeed it sounds like a pretty decent shull wouldn’t you say?

My favorite thing is by far the bathrooms. Featuring a full “anywhere you aim it goes in the toilet” old skool urinal, it is a urinaters dream. The soft surface cracks in the old porcilein masterpeice is not to be reckoned with. Not only are these urinals a rarity in shulls, they exist mostly in Riverside park restrooms- where one should definately watch their back. Listening to the soft full drop of your stream, it brings you back to the days when bathroom design was an art and not just an automated routine thing. Back when the porcilein throne was one and you could pee all over and it all went in the whole. Ah the good old days- how many times have I gone into the restroom in shull, to come in full contact with a floor of urine and a mess of other unmentionables- baal habatim will inevitably bring their children to shull, so full walled urinals are really a neccessity.

Shalosh Suedos was quite impressive. A gathering of the nerds and free food fanatics, I noticed that everyone besides a few brave souls cleared out for the last supper. We sat down to a table of plenty, not only was there challah roles, but the meal contained, real soda, herring, matbucha salad, humous, and babaganoush, oh and stale chocolate in the middle stella dora cookies- classic Jew food. So there I sat enamored by the spread only to discover the selzter was over fizzed but under refridgerated- thats right, for some reason seltzer is either ice cold and flat or super fizzy and warm. After the meal or durring davening or just to catch a glimpse of those hotties you were checking out through the mechitza, the leather couches by the entrance of the shull do goodness for those brave souls willing to sit there and have everyone look at you upon exit or entrance. They are the kind of couches that leave the butt print when you get up and hiss when you sit down- wonderfull for attracting the ladies.