Ban the Hefsik

Hunger, stomach growling, annoyed at my hosts I sat and waited, waited and waited to no avail. Then it started the barrage of nu’s and uh’s and uuuhhhhh’s and then again waiting. Waiting to end this madness, to end my hunger pangs and to end this prolong hefsik. Why must countless people around the world go through with this madness weeks on end. Everywhere the wait is horrid and only grows worse when more people regardless of age are added to the mix.

What am I talking about some of you faithful readers may ask? The wait between wasing for Hamotzi and the actual saying of the Bracha. Why must countless hungry souls have to endure the heartless waiting by hosts and hostesses everywhere. How many countless times I have great fully been invited to some ones house for a shabbos meal only to regret it as soon as the never-ending Hefsik began. Of course in families of 10 or more it can be quite entertaining but to those folks which do not have 8+ kids, why do you leave us in peril waiting for our bread and eventual food?

The nu’s and uh’s might as well be, “dude what’s with the wait?” or “nu vuts taking so long?” or even “Hey Rabbi you want me to do Hamotzi?” And so the saga of the wait between netilas yedayim and hamotzi continues and nothing is done to stop the madness.

I say if even an inkling of effort devoted to proclaiming the “shidduch crisis” and the “bugs in water crisis” was put on the “waiting too long between hamotzi and washing crisis” it would make klal yosroel much more happy and allow us to enjoy shabbos a whole lot more.