Wireless internet and the frum community

I dont know the whole situation these are my personal views- any comments would be nice.

So I understand there is a big fuss about the internet in the frum community. I have been reading a lot about in the Yated and Jewish Press. My old man said that the same fuss was made when telephones became big and the Rabbi’s wanted to ban them because people could now talk loshon horah, with women, nivel peh, etc..over the phone. Frankly I think the Rabbi’s are right to make a big deal over it, it’s kind of like TV, addictive and fatal. Hypocrite many of you may be saying, but I have niether a TV or the internet for these reasons, I have a laptop and when I need, or want the net I sit in a public coffee shop and use their internet.

Heres my issue or beef with the Rabbi’s. I was in the Purple Pear in Monsey today a somewhat trying to be trendy frummy eatery and brought up the fact that if they wanted to be “in” with the rest of the competition, they should get wireless internet. Oh, this was a hot topic I could see, the manager told me the Rabbi’s would shut them down immediately if they did such a thing. Kind of reminds me of the mob I said, now heres my beef- if the internet is bad because of casual encounters, and all the filth that is on it, one would think that a public place such as a cafe or library would be muter?

I understand their fears, just look at what people search for to get to my site, every time I get on the net I check and its amazing what people search for. Still dictating your every day personal lives is intruding and wrong. You cannot legislate morality it has to come from within. You can go around banning the net, and you know what? There are tons of adult film outlets, escort services, or street walkers. 

Will they ban cell phones since they have internet access too, will they ban walking outside because there are un-tznius billboards, how about walking at all because there may be un-tznius women lurking about. What will happen when municipalities blanket their areas in free wireless access, like in Philly and San Francisco.

One last thing, this is directed at the Monsey folks, how come you pay 800 grand for a dinky house in a smog filled subarban hell, send your kids to a school that forces you to take out home equity lines of credit, sit in traffic all day and night, pay some of the highest prices for gas besides NYC, and still have to put up with this crap. You all should move upstate.