My last concert before the three weeks

The parking lot looks more like a big flea market with a lot of homeless people trying to sell their food, artwork, drugs, t-shirts and other earthly wears. Two men selling micro brew bear sing the ice cold bear song, first very slow acoustic then eventually producing semi metal as they scream at me and Chavi to indulge in some fresh iced Magic Hat. We laugh as we walk past to the next crazy, the next song. “Iced Cold Beer” fills the air as multiple beer folk hawk their goods, suddenly I hear “Iced cold Marijuanna”, clever I think. There are multiple VW Vans with beds in the back and people sitting in beach chairs smoking, laughing, chilling. On the back of beat up trucks young women try and sell peace sign shirts, or “Ill trade ya for a ticket”. Another young man comes up with a suitcase full of home blown bowls for sale. “Whipets, wipets, wipets”
– a women carrying ballons filled with dangerous nitrous cries. Dozens of folks selling tie-dye shirts, Jerry posters, tapestries and other gear to make your hippy lifestyle complete.

I notice families with strolers, hippies that have been on acid since the 60’s, old men, old women, biker gangs, preppies, orthodox Jews, rasta-farreans, and many more all headed to the main event. So much diversity, such a rarity I think. I even spot a few wiggers.

We are in, the music hasnt started to the fullest, just opening bands but the crowd is into it. Suddenly the crowd erupts Trey and Mike from Phish are up and the music is intense. The hair on my back stands at attention as the crowd becomes like a 1000 headed snake writhing and pulsing to the grooves. I have never been to show where every person is grooving. No fights, no hard feelings. Some one is giving out free hugs, bunch of crazy hippies  think to myself. I am up all the sudden as if the music is taking me over and flailing my arms and bouncing around like a madman. I am up and down even air guitaring to the massive barrage of beats, solos and funky grooves. When Phil Lesh gets up its even nuttier. My legs and everything hurts and aches from the pummeling and excersize they ahve recieved but well worth it.