Why does everyone seem to dislike Lubavitchers so much

I am a mere outsider in the world of Misnageds(I call them Snags) hating Lubavitchers. Throwing the Meshichism folks who remind of the Waco Texas cult event aside let us focus on the fundemental hatred of the Chabad movement

Through my time spent on both sides I have decided there are a few fundemental reasons. Lubavitchers are cool and Chasidim are the antithesis of that. Lubies tend to dress the same speak the same yiddish, but be more worldly and accepting to a certian extent. Embracing the Internet with their phenominal websites spreading judaism rather then staying insular toward the outside world, I canm understand why Chasidim as well as the Lakewood type yeshivish folks dislike them immensely.

Lubavitcher girls are hot, I think the shaved headed women of the various chasidic sects are just jelous, as am I since most luby girls marry within the ranks. The men are also jelous because while they have to cuddle with their GI Janes at night, Lubies kick it old school with full heads of glorious hair that is spared from the hidous turban of other chasidic sects sparking intense jelousy.

Lubavicthers dont mind talking to goyim, non religious looking folks, and english speakers. In not keeping with the traditional chasidish, insular, closed minded, strictly sheltered ways, Lubabs tend to have more worldly knowledge and can actually communicate with the outside world- again I would be jelous if one chasidish sect out of them all had internet access, taught their children english, let their daughters choose their own husbands, and live in other communities besides, Boro-park, Monsey and New Square. The jelousy reigns.

Yes I know most will comment here and say-no Chabad is bad they do bad things, such as help thousands of folks find the derech to yiddishkeit, or feed wary travelers, and provide them with a place to stay while on vacation in Alabama. Yes these must be life threatening things that may disband all chasidik jews. Or maybe its just the Moshiach thing bugging all these chasids. Hey would you trade thousands of torah observant Jews who got there via Chabad, for a non cult like anti-moshiach type crowd. NO- let them chant Yichee and act like Elvis impersonators- as long as they are helping our fellow Jew.

You know even with the minute amount of Yichee types there are roaming around the 770 area. Lubies aint the only chasids with problems. It appears to me that both Sotmers and Bubav are duking it out as to who controls what- fighting Jews are way worse then a bunch of Meshichists who miss the good old days of free dollar bills and the Rebbe’s Fabrengins.