My best Kidush

Is there such a thing as the perfect kidush? In my mind there is, have I ever seen this annomoly? I got close, on the upper east side in the 70’s there are many sfardi shulls, dotting this region. About 4 months ago my ex and I accompanied by friends of ours ventured into one of these hidden establishments, only to discover a golden jackpot awaiting us after all the arabic sounding davening was over with.

A long table ladden with all your sfardi fave’s was waiting for our willing digestive tracts. Morocan Cigars, those little meat pies- that you sprinkle tehina on, Kibbe, some of that meat and potatoe soup and a bunch of thsoe fine deserts. Now I understand most of you may not like sfardi food- maybe your not down with the brown, or spicy fare makes your stomach cringe and shut down expeling its contents right when they reach your intestinal tracts- this is all understandable. A table situated across from this one featured 3 kinds of grilled chicken breast, penne with pesto and sundried tomatoes, some garlic white rice, fried chicken wings, and some spinach salad. Sounds like a farse, or Farsi eh. Nope this shull exists- I will find out exactly where it is and share the wealth. This is my ideal of the perfect kidush