Chasidishe women wearing turbans

The turban is an annomoly to me, those wrap around hats that don the shaved heads of chasidish women everywhere got me thinking today. What do these women do in the rain, I know men have hat covers, plastic bags or rain hats. But women are seldom seen with these hair covering accessories. Would a shower cap over a shaved head be enough in the rain? do they make water resistant teflon turbans? Maybe they opt for the most unatural looking sheitle for active rain wear. I also wonder what would happen if the turban became unraveled, would it simply untie itself like an untied umbilical cord and let all its contents seep out, or would it revert back into the pre-turban snood. Surely a shaved headed women cannot wear a snood, this would be like a flat women wearing a large bra, or a neo-nazi wearing a rastafarrien hat. It simply could be not. Unless these shaved headed women filled their snoods up with helium to make it appear as if they had a full head of hair- though this might lead to illicit relations.