Elvis and Chabad: striking similarities

They dress like him, claim he’s still alive in some cases, and even claim to have seen him. They have enshrined his house, they are noticable whenever one lays their eyes upon them. Yes Elvis Impersonators and many Lubavitchers especially the Yichee crowd could almost be distant brothers.

The Elvis fans have enshrined Graceland as have the Lubies enshrined the Rebbe’s study, library, beis medrish, and anything else within 100 feet of the famous 770 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn. The famous Rebbe dollar bills can be compared to anyone holding a ticket for the Elvis show in Utica that was to take place in 1977 a few days after his death. Even subtle similarities such as Utica being a street in Crown Heights and the next Elvis show can be seen here.

Crushed hats and unshaven beards- pink jumpsuits with bare chest showing accompanied by the fomous sway of the King. Even some Lubavitchers chant that the Rebbe is King Moshiach while many Elvis fans still think he’s the King.