Conservatives: a bunch of hypocrites

Originally the whole point of conservatism was the freedom of doing whatever you wanted as long as you didn't interfere with anothers' self preservation- the John Locke way- this is how our founding fathers intended it. BUT lately this countries conservatives have gone the way of the fascist. 

Conservatives want States to have a bulk of the power, and a decentralized Federal Government. I want this as well. Abortion and Gay rights come to mind as being issues that different parts of the country may feel differently about, correct? For instance in Oregon a very gay friendly state compared to Wyoming where Matthew Sheppard was dragged to his death while being pulled from a pickup truck, may feekl differently about gays. Should then the states decide what to do about this issue rather then a Central government- this would ideally be the way of the true classical Liberal. How about abortion- would this not be a case of tyranny of the majority? The majority of people in the bible belt want this action banned- simply because their religion bans it- shall we start to consider the use of opium and other narcotic be leagalized simply because a religious practice says they should be. Abortion is tough because if you let states decide- it would create tremendous rifts- but the Federal government should stick to its intended purpose. Moral issues are not for government.

Phone tapping- nough said. The feds simply cannot do anything with the millions of phone calls filled with information made every day. But the point is that our once weary of any government spying on its citizens conservatives- have become exactly what they have preached against. 

Tax cuts- Tax cuts are good- even for the 1% of the folks with all the money- who do you think provides you with everything from zanax to your $24 an hour job at the kraft factory- yes indeed rich people make the world go around. BUT once again spending conscious Republicans who went crazy when Clinton even hinted at nationalized health care and more social programs- citing the deficit and budget woes- have run up the largest deficit in years. Affordability is not here yet, these so-called conservatives spend, spend, spend…