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Shorten the shmaiserIncreasing the cut of the bris is an ancient segulah for refuah sheleima. Normally the sick person would do it themselves like Avraham Avinu, but since this particular individual has done much so much for the klal, the Skulene Rebbe wants to use this opportunity to add 100 names to his email list, because that will be a zechus for the choleh, so he’s asking the public to volunteer their shmaisers for shortening.


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Frum Community Keeps Local Moser Alive

Moiser in riverWhen I was in Telz yeshiva there was a story told about Rabbi Eizik Ausband. It was said that as a young man in Telshe, Lithuania, he had thrown a moiser into river and drowned him. One brash bochur asked him whether the story was true and he confirmed that it was. The moiser in question had supposedly reported tax evaders to the government and that earned him the death penalty from those righteous Jews.

Hear the rosh yeshiva tell the story here:


What does one do when someone in their community (whom they know to be absolutely innocent) is accused by a frum kid of being a molester?

If it were up to me? I’d say throw the kid into the river! You cannot tolerate a moiser in your community. Didn’t Agudas Yisroel Pasken that reporting child molesters to the goyishe authorities is mesirah? Nu! What else do you need? Throw him in the river! [click to continue…]


Some of Heshy’s Thoughts on the Catskills

The Shomer Shabbos of Woodbourne where you can find a minyan and leftovers any time of day

The Shomer Shabbos of Woodbourne where you can find a minyan and leftovers any time of day

I want to talk about the Catskills, I want to tell you how terrible the kosher food is here and how restaurant owner, employees and patrons all stare at you if you’re not wearing a yarmulke, I want to tell you what horrendous drivers chassidim and yeshiva bochurim are. Take that back, not only yeshiva bochurim who just got their licenses, anyone with NJ plates is a terrible drive in the Catskills, but the Passaic ones are a little better than the Lakewooders. 

I’m not really equipped to talk about these things, though, because I rarely visit kosher restaurants in the Catskills and when I do, I do my best to erase the experience from my memory as quickly as possible, it’s really traumatic. So instead I’ll share some awesome Heshy posts on these topics from the archives. Check ’em out. 

Good Shabbos. 


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OTD Shabbos

OTD ShabbosI love the feeling of getting a Facebook notification that says “Yankel Shmerel has added you to the group…..”, it’s such an awesome feeling. There’s a new group in the Facebookisphere, a group devoted to solving one specific problem, everyone in there is devoted to the same cause!

This is the promise of social media, the ability to bring together thousands of people who, in their daily lives may find themselves geographically, politically, philosophically and theologically far apart, but on one issue they unite, they find each other in Tahrir Square through shared hashtags, they find themselves fighting for better treatment of women in orthodoxy in a Facebook group or they find themselves debating whether Yiddishkeit should have a question mark after itself or not; no seriously, there’s a group devoted to that too. [click to continue…]


BREAKING! Aish Hatorah Sues LGBT Stabber

Guest post by Dov F

Aish hatorah

JERUSALEM—Aish Hatorah, the world’s leading kiruv organization, is suing the gay pride stabber and the settler arsonists, sources say.

A spokesman for the organization explained, “Many of our seminars that took time and money to prepare are now falling apart due to the reckless acts of a few individuals.”

“Just because some obscure, irrelevant bible verses talk about killing homosexuals or smashing babies’ heads against rocks doesn’t mean we, as the standard bearer of an enlightened Judaism, should have to deal with them,” he added.

“We rely heavily on the well-established fact that Judaism has always been, and necessarily is a tolerant religion—a cut above the rest, so to speak. The actions of these individuals will force us to revamp our entire approach of selling the religion to the masses,” said one teacher at the organization’s flagship school, headquartered in Jerusalem.

He added, “those foolish individuals simply have no sense of business.”

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Moral Advice to Mother of Gay Son

Unhappy Bride and GroomThe following question appeared on the 5 Towns Jewish Times Dating Forum:

My husband and I are having a big debate: Is there something wrong with forcing a child to get married? We have a son who is 26 years old, but he does not want to get married. He does not even want to date, ever! I want to force him, but my husband is against it.

My son knows that he is not acting normally. I even brought over a relative who is a therapist to talk to him. He was very rude to her and walked out of the room. I joined a support group for parents of such boys, and I heard of stories where they forced their child to get married, and then he got divorced.

My husband went to a rebbe who told him that he agrees with me that we should put a lot of pressure on our son. That would be very easy for us to do. We can take away his car, or even threaten to throw him out of the house. But my husband does not want to do that. I am at my wits’ end. People are asking all sorts of questions, and we don’t know what to answer. The top girls are being redt to him and it’s all for nothing. We are very popular in our community, and our son is shaming us. What can we do?


By Shragi Ackerman

I’m not generally against forcing 26 year-old children to get married, but before doing so you have to take all the facts into consideration.

I’m really glad to hear that you joined a support group for parents of gay boys, that’s an important first step. I hope you’ll share with me the information about this support group; there are so many parents in Lakewood that need this kind of support.  [click to continue…]


Jewish Food Companies Are Run By Thugs

mayonazToday, my Israeli pickles somehow became Gefen when they got home. Same can, same everything, but now some shady Jewish company is distributing it instead of the kibbutz yavneh. Does anyone know the deal with these companies? Hadar, liebers, all these Heimish brands you find in Boro park and avoid in the supermaket till Pesach comes. Are there actually different companies, or are they all owned by the same people? I’m pretty sure Hadar used to be something else, and may not be around anymore. Gefen is Kedem. Lieber’s is definitely a fat chossid. Paskesz feels European for some reason. I also have a strong feeling their candy is made in rusty nuclear contaminated factories somewhere around chernobyl. Chernobyl eggs and sugar and saw dust probably make up those delicious Lieber’s animal crackers with the cute heads on them. Made on a rusty conveyor belt by Czech workers who never heard of sanitary laws. Just to be clear, those animal crackers are still delicious.

They rarely say where their stuff is made. Just distributed by some kosher thugs in Bayonne. [click to continue…]