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On your most excellent submissions.

As some of you smart commenters have figured out by now, Heshy is dead.

And while myself and Shragi do our best to fill his cold dead shoes, sooo very cold, we are just too lazy to keep the content flowing as chocolatey as he once did. [click to continue…]


Every facebook girl who posts pictures of their kids as props for their selfies and secretary who tapes fortune cookie papers on their computer screen’s favorite spiritual guide is back  to share more wisdom with us in a New York Times op-ed, that just happens to coincide with this year’s book that shares the same theme. What a stroke of good fortune!
But that’s just what happens when your chi is in tune with the universe’s 7 chakras of compassion, my dear sweet friends. [click to continue…]


Letter to My Geirus Rabbi

Hi Rabbi Posse,
I used to be pretty Jewish, and then I got mad at Judaism because of the people who often times represent it poorly like the following bright , and pure young man I’m about to mention. And then I became kind of jewisher again for a number of reasons . During my hiatus from jewishland I mingled with sheigitses . Upon return to dating Jew boys I encountered the aforementioned young gentleman who forgot to tell me he’s a Cohen. Let’s say he went to the store and tried on the shoes without having any intention to buy them. I haven’t spend too much time in shiur but I think that’s a no no . I’m also not the only pair of shoes he’s tried on , nor the least Jewish,  if you get my drift. At the end of the day it turns out that I’m classified as a whore unfit to marry this clearly super holy and pure guy.
The thing is, there’s a lot of different perushim regarding that hallacha, some deeming that a woman who had relations with a non Jew is invalid, others saying she isn’t , some even get down to whether or not contraception was used and , some say that even if she is invalid the children can still be cohanim and others say they cannot .
What was the original hallacha, who added my brand of “whore” to the list and why , and where do you stand on this issue?
I’m not marrying this particular idiot , but I want to know whether I should do like the other semi-secular Jewish girls and just lie about it like they lie about their virginity or if I stand a chance by just being that thing…what’s it called again?
Ah yeah…honest

Satmar Has Solved the Secular Studies Problem

By Shmilka Bernstein

I watched videos of Satmar children participating in make believe demonstrations against Israel. The English accents were excellent, even better than their teachers. Goyim and and so-called Moderner Othodox make fun of chasidisher yeshivos. But look at how much can be learned when there is a purpose and enthusiasm. The hate of fersthunkener ziyonistim is all the motivation needed to draw the pure hearts of children. In Satmar schools, the children learn English, graphics for doing posters, math for quoting statistics, civics for getting permits, weather forecasting to advise those coming to demonstrations whether to bring plastic hat covers, electronics for setting up sound systems, and so on. [click to continue…]


Warning Against Dating Dati Jews as a Gentile

Ed: Readers are encouraged to share their thoughts.

Dear Shragi,

I have been following your blog since my orthodox Jewish ex-boyfriend dated me, and with all the intentions to convert after reading on Judaism for months (i.e. I didnt want to convert just for him), having learnt Hebrew for months and after picking up partly keeping shabbat and kosher, and going to Israel to visit him for some time, he dumps me saying that he doesn’t think he wants to go through all the trouble of conversion and marriage registration outside of Israel with me after learning the details of how that could be done.

What he is saying is I am not worth his trouble. However, half a year ago, when I was skeptical about starting a relationship with him, he was encouraging saying we should give ourselves a chance. I met his family as a friend, and they loved me, so I’m sure my being Jewish and all the troubles that come with that are the only reasons why he breaks up with me. Until I left Israel, we treated each other very well, and even after the break up, we know what qualities we want to look for in our marriage partners because we were so compatible – except that I am a gentile. [click to continue…]


Who Needs Pictures?

by Shmilka Bernstein

Hillary's HandI am upset by the decision of Yated Ne’eman to show the hand of Hillary Clinton. Where did their seichel go? Now there will be pressure on them to treat Trump the same way. We all know what terrible lewd thoughts cross American minds now about his hands. They might just as well start showing pictures of Metzitzah B’Peh.

This whole business of pictures is a bad idea. You now have pictures of rabbonim from earlier eras in their youth. Suddenly you have clean shaven poskim and roshei yeshiva, loy aleinu, not to mention bubbes who are untznius and zeides without Borsalinos. With the disgusting blogs around, PhotoShopping eventually gets revealed. [click to continue…]


Shavuos Schedule

BaisMedrashInterior11:00-12:00           Shlep out meal as long as possible

12:00-12:05           Pre learning mussar

12:05-12:07           Set up shtender

12:07-12:10           Coffee

12:10-12:30           Chazar Babba Kama

12:30-12:35           Coffee

12:35-12:45           Break

12:45-1:00              Kuzari Beiyun

1:00-1:10                Coffee/bathroom

1:10-1:30                Tikkun liel Shavuos

1:30-1:33                Bathroom

1:33-1:40                Reb Chaim on Tashbisu

1:40-1:50                Bathroom/coffee/bathroom

1:50-2:00                Break

2:00-2:15                Brisker Rov on Chanukah

2:15-2:16                bathroom

2:17-2:40                Mesachtas Megillah bekius

2:40-3:15                Bathroom ( iyun)

3:15-3:45                Reb Elchonon Kovitz Shiurim

3:45-3:47                Kuzari, mussar, Gemara soteh, Tikkun, and Megilas Rus with perush of Gaon

3:47-4:15                Debate going to sleep

4:15                          Prepare for shachris

Haftorah – sleep


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