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  • havemeyer

    hesh i love your site and your stuff. someones gotta do satirical mash up of this

    and all of these sort of programs

    why compromise your kashrus when it comes to recovery we offer hand baked no gebrokts only chasidishe shcita recovery programs yes eiruv no eiruv tish and 11.00am shachris for the chabadniks – programs featuring lipa etc

    there i set you off. hat tip to havemeyer if you pull it off. ok? if you use it and your happy ill send you some more material that i think needs a satirical look

  • NW Jew

    Hi there,

    I was recently alerted to a post on your blog entitled “A bluffers Guide to shul”.

    You cited the reference as Rabbi Jonathan Ginsberg. In fact I am the author of the piece. It was first published in the Jewish Chronicle in November 2008 both on their website and subsequently in their printed paper.

    Here’s the original post:

    I would be grateful if you were to publish this acknowledgement on the blog with a link to my website

    Kind regards, and wishing you a kosher pesach

    NW Jew

  • palin

    Check your sources before you nspread hoaxes. The nitwit has no Jewish ancestry.

    Ancestry of Sarah Palin
    1 Sarah Louise Heath, later “Sarah Palin”, b. Sandpoint, Idaho, 11 Feb. 1964, Governor of Alaska 2006-current, 2008 Republican Vice-Presidential nominee
    2 Charles Richard Heath (“Chuck”), b. Los Angeles Co., Cal., 24 March 1938, living 2008
    3 Sarah Sheeran (“Sally”), b. Richland, Wash., 26 Oct. 1940, living 2008
    4 Charles F … Heath, b. Chicago, Ill., 25 Oct. 1901, d. Hope, Idaho, 6 Jan. 1980
    m. Los Angeles Co., Cal., 17 June 1928
    5 Nellie Marie Brandt, b. Santa Monica, Cal., 14 Sept. 1900, d. Sandpoint, Idaho, 3 Feb. 1988
    6 Clement J … Sheeran (“Clem”), b. … , Wash., 30 Aug. 1907, d. Richland Co., Wash., 12 May 1992
    m. Pocatello, Idaho, 20 Dec. 1929
    7 Helen Louise Gower, b. … , Wisc., 30 Aug. 1907, d. Richland Co., Wash., 12 Sept. 1985
    8 Charles R … Heath, b. … , Ill., … March 1872, d. Los Angeles, Cal., 15 June 1933
    m. Chicago, Ill., 25 Oct. 1898
    9 Alice Adaline Maria Oriel (“Addie”), b. Chicago, Ill., 16 Nov. 1874, d. Chicago, Ill., 25 Sept. 1902
    10 Henry Charles Brandt, b. … , Minn., … June 1867, d. Los Angeles, Cal., 28 March 1939
    m. Los Angeles Co., Cal., 29 June 1894, div. … ,
    11 May Belle Ruddock, b. … , Wisc., … Oct. 1867, d. Salt Lake City, Utah, 1 Sept. 1934
    12 Michael James Sheeran, b. Faribault, Minn., 9 Jan. 1876, d. Salt Lake City, Utah, 11 Nov. 1941
    m. … [ca. 1906/7]
    13 Ida Henrietta Mueller, b. Menasha, Wisc., 27 Feb. 1886, d. Walla Walla, Wash., 27 Sept. 1971
    14 James Carl Gower, b. … , Wisc., 22 Nov. 1882, d. Pocatello, Idaho, 1 Aug. 1954
    m. … [ca. 1904/5]
    15 Cora Strong, b. Chippewa Co., Wisc., 4 Nov. 1886, d. … [living 1910, presumably died by 5 May 1925 when Carl remarried]
    16 James W … Heath, b. … , Ill., … [ca. 1847/8], d. …
    m. Knox Co., Ill., 13 April 1868
    17 Alma Miranda Rhodes, b. Richmond, Vt., 15 Jan. 1845, d. … 1904
    18 Francis H … Oriel (“Frank”), b. … , Canada, … May 1832, d. Genoa, Ill., 30 Sept. 1916
    m. St. Catharine’s, Niagara Co., Ontario, Canada, 31 Jan. 1870
    19 Ellen Dee, b. … , Ireland, … Aug. 1842, d. Chicago, Ill., 28 Aug. 1901
    20 Charles C … Brandt, b. Friedland, Mecklenburg-Strelitz, … March 1837, d. San Diego, Cal., … [between 1900 and 1910]
    m. … [probably Sigel, Minn., ca. 1862]
    21 Maria Criss, b. Carroll Co., Ohio, … May 1840, d. San Diego, Cal., … [after 1910]
    22 Thomas S … Ruddock, b. Franklin Co., Mass., … Feb. 1818, d. … [living 1880]
    m. … 1847
    23 Maria N … Newell, b. … , Mass., … [ca. 1828], d. … [living 1880]
    24 Michael James Sheeran, b. West Rutland, Vt., 10 Aug. 1852, d. Faribault, Minn., 20 May 1892
    m. … 5 April 1875
    25 Maria Ellen Burke, b. Jefferson Co., Wisc., 11 June 1856, d. Wells Township, Rice Co., Minn., 25 June 1937
    26 Joseph Mueller, b. … , Wisc., … Feb. 1855, d. Mitchell, S. D., 22 May 1941
    m. … [ca. 1878/9]
    27 Sarah West, b. … , Wisc., … Oct. 1860, d. Mitchell, S. D., 6 Sept. 1930
    28 Arthur Collins Gower, b. Abbot, Maine, 10 Nov. 1852, d. … [Feb. 1943]
    m. Cook Co., Ill., 27 Nov. 1880
    29 Mary Schmolz, b. … , Germany, … Jan. 1860, d. … [living 1900]
    30 Homer Curtis Strong, b. Warren, Conn., 30 Jan. 1849, d. … [living 1910]
    m. Godfrey, Ill., 4 Nov. 1879
    31 Augusta Lodema Godfrey, b. Waverly, Ill., … July 1854, d. … [living 1920]
    32 William M … Heath, b. Washington Co., N. Y., 11 May 1815, d. Wataga, Ill., 31 March 1882
    m. Knoxville, Ill., 3 Aug. 1837
    33 Lucinda M … Field, b. Cornwall, Vt., 16 June 1819, d. Galesburg, Ill., 11 July 1899
    34 Charles W … Rhodes, b. … , Vt., 20 Jan. 1815, d. … 24 May 1880
    m. Richmond, Vt., 11 April 1836
    35 Jane Goodrich, b. … , Vt., 12 April 1816, d. Sparta Township, Knox Co., Ill., 21 Aug. 1869
    36 Henry Francis Oriel, b. … , England, … [ca. 1799], d. Bermuda 11 Oct. 1853
    37 Mary … , b. … , England, … [ca. 1810], d. Monroe Co., N. Y., … [after 1870]
    40 Carl Christian Brandt, b. Friedland, Mecklenburg-Strelitz, … [ca. 1808], d. New Ulm, Minn., … [ca. 1889]
    41 Wilhelmina Plath, b. Friedland, Mecklenburg-Strelitz, … [ca. 1812], d. New Ulm, Minn., … [ca. 1880]
    42 Henry Criss/Crist, b. Brooke Co., Va., 3 May 1804, d. Carroll Co., Ohio, 8 Feb. 1877
    m. Columbiana Co., Ohio, 4 June 1827
    43 Bathsheba Walton, b. New Garden, Columbiana Co., Ohio, 16 May 1804, d. … 20 Oct. 1852
    44 Justus Ruddock, b. Buckland, Franklin Co., Mass., … [ca. 1792], d. … , Wisc., … [after 1850]
    m. Hawley, Mass., 25 Nov. 1813
    45 Rhoda Damon, b. Hawley, Mass., … Aug. 1795, d. …
    46 Asa Newell, b. … , Mass., 8 April 1799, d. Berlin, Green Lake Co., Wisc., … [after 1860]
    m. … 18 May 1818
    47 Nancy M … Boyden, b. … [Mass. or N. H.], 9 Dec. 1795, d. Berlin, Green Lake Co., Wisc., 13 Dec. 1879
    48 Michael Sheeran, b. Ireland … Oct. 1820, d. …
    49 Mary (Kline?), b. Ireland … Aug. 1830, d. Mapleton, Minn., 15 April 1904
    50 Michael Burke, b. Ireland … [ca. 1815],, d. … 1888, bur. Faribault, Minn.
    m. Joliet, Ill., 6 Feb. 1846
    51 Ellen Brady, b. Ireland … [ca. 1828], d. … 15 March 1881, bur. Faribault, Minn.
    52 … Mueller, b. Germany

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  • shulala28


    I totally love your site! Frum with a twist! Most things are just-oh-so-true but noone in the frum community wants to admit…

    • Heshy Fried

      Looks like you have a stalker – some guy on FB keeps asking for your contact info which I don’t have – feel like being stalked for real – email me and I can arrange it.

  • FarNorth

    Hey Hesh,
    Love your site. Been a fan for a while now.
    Noticed your tag line says, “One man’s apikorus in another man’s talmud chochom”. Shouldn’t the “in” be changed to an “is”?
    A Canadian Fan

  • FarNorth

    Hey Hesh,
    Love your site. Been a fan for a while now.
    Noticed your tag line says, “One man’s apikorus in another man’s talmud chochom”. Shouldn’t the “in” be changed to an “is”?
    A Canadian Fan

  • Ken

    I have a proposition for you. One of your recent posts engendered several comments about the Etz Hayim chumash, mostly from people who appear never to have read it and certainly that’s probably true of the audience more broadly. So here’s my proposition: Let’s study it. In public. Right here. A little book club/beis medresh/chevrusa thing. We can agree to work through it at home and raise interesting/concerning/disturbing/enlightening comments for discussion here along the way.

  • konkursy

    Keep on the good work with this site!

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    add this; hilarious

  • frummie

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