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Letter to My Geirus Rabbi

Hi Rabbi Posse,
I used to be pretty Jewish, and then I got mad at Judaism because of the people who often times represent it poorly like the following bright , and pure young man I’m about to mention. And then I became kind of jewisher again for a number of reasons . During my hiatus from jewishland I mingled with sheigitses . Upon return to dating Jew boys I encountered the aforementioned young gentleman who forgot to tell me he’s a Cohen. Let’s say he went to the store and tried on the shoes without having any intention to buy them. I haven’t spend too much time in shiur but I think that’s a no no . I’m also not the only pair of shoes he’s tried on , nor the least Jewish, if you get my drift. At the end of the day it turns out that I’m classified as a whore unfit to marry this clearly super holy and pure guy.
The thing is, there’s a lot of different perushim regarding that hallacha, some deeming that a woman who had relations with a non Jew is invalid, others saying she isn’t , some even get down to whether or not contraception was used and , some say that even if she is invalid the children can still be cohanim and others say they cannot .
What was the original hallacha, who added my brand of “whore” to the list and why , and where do you stand on this issue?
I’m not marrying this particular idiot , but I want to know whether I should do like the other semi-secular Jewish girls and just lie about it like they lie about their virginity or if I stand a chance by just being that thing…what’s it called again?
Ah yeah…honest

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  • Ed Karesky

    My opinion is you are just fine. I think you should tell the yutz who is the object of your story that you’re praying to Hashem that he should shtup himself.

  • apikorus

    Super great blog entry. Love it, Best of the Best. where were you all of my life ? Been reading wrong blogs,
    Going to stop while I’m ahead, oops no puns intended???

    • apikorus

      oh, btw, there are very frum ob/gyn’s who for a price, create a membrane for those whose culture requires it, pre marriage, parents arrange it, I don’t wish to name at least one of these ‘cultures” , at the moment…… LOL that is racist……
      Consider it “cosmetic surgery”. This is 100% true. I happen to know an MD who does this bein ha’yeter. WHY? why do I know this?
      he told me. stam/kacha. not of any interest to anyone i know/knew.
      So, if any semi-secular Jewess wants to change her status,
      I can swear that she can get one rebuilt,
      Emes. Now, why she would want a creep, I don’t have the chochmah to answer that.
      This is true, not sure if widely known, have no idea, since it didn’t touch me or any family member in any way.

      Come and get it, for a price, a membrane,
      New pair of shoes? new membrane?
      who’s to know?
      erev chagim etc, i would not make up a falsehood.
      Mitstaeret that i cannot post his name, nor would i ever.
      She ha mevin yavin,

      • Spinning Ballerina

        nothing new

        they’ve been replacing hymens for years

      • Yes, my friend who worked as a nurse at Hadassah told me the Arab mothers would take their daughters to a Jewish doctor for this, to keep it quiet. I heard about a Turkish girl who went to university in the US, and her mother arranged for this to be done prior to her marriage in Turkey. Do you frum types still do the sheet thing?

        • Spinning Ballerina


  • Red Tent

    Great post, interesting information about membrane, add tightening up and wa la hallacha. /s

  • Kumat Me’Brah

    Lol just lol what you do you expect? You are a trashy slut, seriously do you expect any different? How/why do sluts expect to be treated like ladies? Lol just lol

    Ps- cohanim checking in, my brother just treated you the way you expect/deserve to be treated

    • Spinning Ballerina

      I suggest you go shtup yourself!

      • Kumat Me’Brah

        Run along retard the only one that shtuped her life away (along with dignity, self respect, etc) is the slut in the story above…and maybe you? Are you an angry slut too?

        • Spinning Ballerina

          The only “retard” here is you. Go shtup yourself.

          • Kumat Me’Brah

            No bitch you are retarded. Defending a gutter trash slut like this…lol just lol

            • No Text

              Are you an angry slut? lol.

              Angry retarded slut, by the sounds of it.

              Try turning off the computer and being retarded on your own without sharing your mental handicap with the Internet.

            • Spinning Ballerina

              If you’re over the age of 10, you’re clearly mentally retarded. Try living your life in shame without sharing it with the Internet. “Come at me, brah”



              • Kumat Me’Brah

                Did you know that what you are talking about is limited by your false sense of reality? Maybe if you studied just a little bit harder while in school you wouldnt be blinded by these fallacies that have cast a cloud over your judgment. I once knew a guy like you who had everything he could ever want but in the end it meant nothing, because he never knew his true place in the grand scheme of things. Im not trying to tell you how to live your life but, honestly buddy I think its time you stepped down off of your high horse and looked life square in the eyes.

                • Spinning Ballerina

                  You should get with Count Chocula. She’s looking for someone to “cum” on her, or in her. I don’t think she’ll be choosy at this point.

                  • Kumat Me’Brah

                    Anti semitic tirades have no affect upon me.

                    • Spinning Ballerina


                      anti semitic tirades? I don’t see any tirades, and I don’t see anti-semitism.

                      You must’ve attended the same “school” as Count Chocula.

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  • Count chocula

    What a baby. Everything is the guy’s fault, and you did nothing wrong. It’s even society’s fault you had sex with a bunch of guys. Not, Chas veshalom, because you actually wanted to. No wonder guys are repelled by you.

    • Spinning Ballerina

      I suggest you go shtup yourself.

      • Count chocula

        My comment was about the poster, not a personal. Being a fat single woman at 39 is hard enough for you without me attacking you.

        • No Text

          Tell us about your life as a fat single woman. How fat are we talking. Are you over 300 pounds?

        • Spinning Ballerina

          Tell us about your life as a fat single woman. How fat are we talking? Over 300 pounds? With a username of Count Chocula, it stands to reason that you’re obese.

          • Count chocula

            Come on fatty. How old and single are you?

            • Spinning Ballerina

              Lay off the sweets and perhaps you’ll lose some of that weight, Count Chocula.

              I’m neither old nor female.

              It appears you are both, as well as single.

              You didn’t answer my question. When you say you’re fat, how fat are we talking? 300? 350?

              Size 18?

              • Count chocula

                Yeah, I don’t believe you. Nice to try to turn this on me fatty.

                • Spinning Ballerina

                  I should feel sorry for you, but I don’t.

                  You’re a single 39 year old obese woman. The fact that you keep dodging the question means I can’t even imagine how fat and ugly you are.

                  Single is redundant. No one would ever get with someone as repulsive as yourself.

                  • Count chocula

                    Haha me? How fucking pathetic are you?

                    • Spinning Ballerina

                      That’s what I want to know. How pathetic are you? You’re a fat middle aged single woman who spends her time trolling blogs and attacking people.

                      You’re miserable every time you look in the mirror so you take it out on everyone else.

                      You’re a virgin, so anyone who has had sexual intercourse is a “slut” to you.

                      You inhale three bowls of Count Chocula in one shot, all the while trolling the Internet and spewing hate.

                      In other words, you’re Shmarya without the reporting.

                    • Count chocula

                      You’re a virgin too? You sound like a prize.

                    • Spinning Ballerina

                      Of course you’re a virgin. You’re ugly as sin and fatter than Michael Moore.

                      Try keeping your bitterness to yourself or buy a doll so you can vent to it rather than projecting it all over the Internet.

                      No one wants to see your dirty laundry, although I’m sure you have plenty of it.

                    • Spinning Ballerina

                      Even if we didn’t know “Count Chocula” is fat, ugly, and stupid, we can easily tell by her comments that she is a virgin.

                      Virgins often lash out at sexually active women, calling them “sluts” for daring to engage in sexual relations.

                    • Count chocula

                      Alright I would say it’s been fun here, but I don’t think anyone has fun with you. Comment back when you grow a brain and can respond to points being made instead of some childish I know you are but what am I whining.

                    • Spinning Ballerina

                      I have a brain. You do as well, although it is not particularly well-functioning.

                      One cannot “grow a brain”, although I’m sure you’ve tried.

                      Since you have failed at becoming more intelligent and at losing weight, your life is devoted to trolling websites and spewing hatred for other people. Your jealousy is evident.

                      I’m sorry you’re an obese, single, 39 year old.

                      I responded to all your childish nonsense. I have been remarkably patient because I like to give morons every chance to make a salient point.

                    • Count chocula

                      Of course, you just did the same thing again idiot. Make an intelligent response to my comment. I dare you.

                    • Spinning Ballerina

                      First post an intelligent comment. You’re incapable of it.

                      You’re a generic troll who can only hurl insults and make himself (in this case, herself), look like a retard.

                    • Count chocula

                      Again, just mirroring what I say. Say something related to what I said. Go shtup yourself doesn’t count. Go.

                    • Spinning Ballerina

                      All my comments were related to what you said.

                      You are incapable of a discussion above a third grade level and you expect intelligent resonses. Hilarious.

                      Try typing something intelligent. I doubt you can. Maybe find someone smarter than you?

                    • Count chocula

                      Jesus fucking Christ you child. Say something related to my comment on the article.

                    • Spinning Ballerina

                      Your comment was a misrepresenation.

                      Jesus Christ, her complaint was about one guy, not a bunch of guys. RIF.

                    • Count chocula

                      Ok I see the problem you’re having here. You don’t know how to read well. Go back to the beginning where she says she has sex with a lot of guys and then becomes frum. That should clear things up

                    • Count chocula

                      Now it’s your turn to say something you dumb troll. Like I’m sorry I’m a dumb cunt troll.

                    • Spinning Ballerina

                      I’m sorry you’re a dumb cunt troll.

                      I’m sorry you’re 39, fat, and single.

                      I’m sorry you eat Count Chocula all day while sitting in front of a computer, trolling blogs, and insulting people you don’t know a thing about.

                    • Spinning Ballerina

                      I’m also sorry your attempt to hook up with “Cum at me” failed.

                      I know this was your last ditch effort to lose your virginity.

                    • Count chocula

                      Remember when you were learning to be normal? Let’s go back there. We almost had it.

                    • Spinning Ballerina

                      If by “normal” you mean like you, I’m not interested, sorry.

                      I don’t aspire to be a fat Internet troll. I’ve seen what you are, and I don’t like what I see.

                    • Count chocula

                      Ok little bitch boy.

                    • Spinning Ballerina

                      Nice comeback. Like any Internet troll, you are incapable of intelligence commentary, and your only repertoire of responses consists of third grade insults.

                    • Count chocula

                      No. You’re just wrong. And a little weak bitch boy can’t say he’s wrong.

                    • Spinning Ballerina

                      This is too easy. You have nothing.

                    • Count chocula

                      You have red hair and Weigh 140 lbs. Skinny weak arms. I want to see a picture of you little bitch boy.

                    • Spinning Ballerina

                      Of course you want to see a picture. Amongst other things, you’re a known pedophile and sex offender, trolling the Internet for victims.

                    • Count chocula

                      I don’t fuck bitch boys who put on weight.

                    • Spinning Ballerina

                      If you don’t stop propositioning little boys on the Internet, you may get a knock on the door.

                    • Count chocula

                      I knew you were a skinny little bitch boy

                    • Count chocula

                      You want a big manly man in you don’t you?

                    • Spinning Ballerina

                      I steer clear of pedophiles.

                      I bet you wish someone gave you this.



                    • Count chocula

                      You don’t have to be a sad little bitch boy troll. You can be someones little bitch boy.

                    • Spinning Ballerina

                      You’re lucky Heshy is dead. He would not have approved of his site being used as a vehicle for pedophilia.

                    • Count chocula

                      Suck my dick bitch boy

                    • Spinning Ballerina

                      So basically, you’re a tranny, because we’ve already established that you’re a fat, middle aged, single woman.

                      A tranny AND a pedophile.

                    • Count chocula

                      Suck my dick bitch boy

                    • Spinning Ballerina

                      As stated before, tranny pedophile has nothing. No argument, nothing but mindless insults repeated over and over.

                    • Count chocula

                      Ok loser

                    • Count chocula

                      If you want me to respond nicely, say something smart. Otherwise, I’m just going to insult you.

                    • Count chocula

                      You get 1 more try:

                    • Count chocula

                      Human shitstain

                    • Spinning Ballerina

                      you are subhuman shit, incapable of forming a coherent response, as established.

                      I gave you numerous chances.

                      You don’t have a scintilla of intelligence.

                    • Count chocula

                      Kys human shitstain.

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  • Akiva

    I don’t know you, but I empathize with your pain. It isn’t easy, and please know your great worth. You’re created b’tzelem Elokim. As a ger, I’ve lashed out and felt awfully hurt before. I don’t blame you. Your feelings are completely valid. You’re no zona, and that is actually a halacha that I struggle with.

    Also, you didn’t miss out on anything with that Kohen anyways. Chazal taught that wisdom, kindness, and knowing Hashem are greater than being born a Kohen. You know your worth, and I do, too.

  • danieltb

    Is R”Salendger too busy to offer his counsel?

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  • Spinning Ballerina

    Did Frum Satire attract the dregs of the Internet who were stranded after Shmarya offed himself?

    It sure seems that way. Mouthbreathing sewer dwellers slandering the woman who made this post, because they can’t troll failedmessiah any longer.

    • Kumat Me’Brah

      Yea ok sure…a trashy slut wants to blame everyone but herself and a couple of us are pointing that out. But we are in the wrong, not the delusional slut and the idiots defending her…ok sure

      • No Text

        You are an idiot in the wrong.

      • Spinning Ballerina

        You are an idiot in the wrong. Confirmed by multiple sources. Enjoy your idiocy, retard.

        • Kumat Me’Brah

          Sluts are trash. You defend them? Lol just lol

          • Count chocula

            @KMB Ignore this tranny white knight sjw fatass. There’s no intelligence ever coming out of it.

            • Spinning Ballerina

              @disqus_6qKzaGc1wQ:disqus Is that your attempt at flirting with him? Bringing up trannies? Just LOL.

            • Kumat Me’Brah

              Yeah you are correct friend.

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  • Lily D

    People trashing the woman, the point is- if the man had no intention of having a serious relationship with her, he should have been honest from the beginning. He’s a kohen, he knows he can’t marry her. Since when is it ok to lead people on?

    • Spinning Ballerina


    • Count chocula

      This is what she attracts. She’s a dirty girl and attracts dirty guys. Then she complains. Virginal revered Bais Yaacov girls aren’t fucking every body before they decide to settle down- and fck the guy while dating.

      • Lily D

        Come on, some Bais Yaacov girls do. Sexual hypocicy is in every community, regardless of how religious people seem to be. Regardless of this girl and the kohen being both filthy individuals- it still doesn’t excuse leading someone on.

        • Count chocula

          The fact is you don’t sleep with guys before you marry them. This girl expects to be taken seriously because she decided one day she’s getting old and can’t keep sleeping around. That’s called getting desperate, not growing up. It’s a shame, but she’s not worth much marriage wise. She gets what she deserves. I don’t mean that in a mean way, just market value. What’s she’s offering vs what she’s getting back.

          • Lily D

            And that makes it totally fine for this kohen guy to lead her on?

          • Lily D

            So, you’re the judge who gets to decide what people deserve or not. Fine. Still, what gives this kohen guy the right to lead women on? He gets a free pass just because she slept with guys before, king karma?

            • Count chocula

              That’s her choice. Who’s judging? I’m not handing out passes or sentences. All she attracts is guys who want to have sex w her and leave. Because of what she has to offer. And if he led her on, that’s low, but at the end of the day, that’s all anyone will be willing to give her.

            • Count chocula

              To be generous, shouldn’t be dating ffb guys if she wants to get married. She should be dating secular guys or bits like her.

              • Lily D

                What FFB guys are too good? Just like Yehoshua was too good to marry Rahab. In case you missed it, this holy FFB “Kohen” beds a lot of non-Jewish women. I wonder if the goyas deserve to have some guy lead them on too. Sadly, I know plenty of FFB people who live secret disgusting deviant lives. Things that their FFB mothers would be ashamed of. But, they sure like to whip out their illustrious rabbinical pedigree to their fellow FFB friends. How dare a gyoress or BT woman think she could ever be good enough for a FFB man. What a thought, obviously that would totally be beneath the FFB person.

                • Count chocula

                  Yes in general they are too good. That’s why if you get one when you’re not good, he’s going to be scum.
                  Your getting angry at me for some reason without accepting the reality I’m saying.
                  Most Yeshiva guys aren’t having sex before marriage, and your previous sex is going to turn them off immediately.
                  You seem to think the frum world is some low stakes place you can run to to get married no matter what you’ve done before. You seriously need a wake up call I’m sorry if you’re upset at me for giving it to you

                  • Lily D

                    Oh please, I’m only upset at the hypocicy. The girl sleeps around, some yeshiva guys secretly do. Some black hat rabbis put hidden camera in mikvot. People do deviant things, but no one wants to talk about it. The point of the article is that the kohen in the story should just not lead women on. Regardless if their virgins or not virgins. The woman in the story should focus on improving herself. The kohen should do the same. He’s no better than her.

                    • Count chocula

                      I can’t argue with any of that

                    • Count chocula

                      That’s why you need to go through a shadchan and have someone in your corner doing research for you as well. This girl isn’t getting through any frum mothers to meet their sons in the first place. The deck is stacked against you as a bt/convert. It’s very complicated.

                    • Count chocula

                      And again I’m not arguing with any of the points you’re making about how bad he is. I’m just trying to help you out.

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