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Dor Yeshorim Rap

The good thing  about the awesome dor yeshorim rap that came to light last week is that there’s no music, just beatboxing, so you can listen to it during sefirah.

The problem is that it’s still kol isha. I’m not referring to the singing, that’s obviously kol isha, but I think even the beatboxing is; I don’t know, someone should show this to a rov and ask a shailah. The reason I’m less worried about the singing is because rap may not be considered music according to most poiskim. I know when I was in yeshiva we paskened that goyishe music doesn’t have a din music so you’re allowed to listen to it during sefirah.

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  • Shira Salamone

    What’s so obvious about it being kol isha? Rappers *speak,* they don’t singing. There’s no singing in this video.

    • Exactly.

      • Shira Salamone

        Now I’m confused. If rapping isn’t music and/or singing, then how could this be kol isha?

        • Oh, good point. I forgot I had said in the post that the rap is definitely kol isha. I promise I wasn’t high, you may not believe me but I promise.

    • Chaim Danzinger

      Its still sensual az fuk, atleast for me. But that’s because my soul is higher than everyone elses’ which is why most people don’t feel what I feel. :^)

      • Chaim Danzinger

        Also why are you posing as a certain rebbetzin? You know who I’m talking about, you Satanic scum. :^)

        • Chaim Danzinger

          Do yourself a favor:Stop thinking you have to be as frum as everyone else to be Jewish. Youll save yourself a lot of unwarranted grief.

          • Chaim Danzinger

            Accept that maybe you have some psychological limitations and that is the reason why you cant handle being “icky-sticky” frum like the Rabbanim and their offspring……its all just a dog and pony show so they will be quoted in yeshivohs 100 years from now.

            (I’m not saying this to give you a heter to be a shaygetz C”V)

        • Shira Salamone

          Sorry, I’m not part of the “in” crowd–I have no idea who you’re talking about. I’m not a rebbitzen, and I’m not posing as one, either.

          • Chaim Danzinger

            Ok, I believe you because I’m certain you are a good person.

            What do you mean by “in” crowd exactly? I think that would make for some constructive blog material so please share. :^)

      • Etnach

        Does Dor Yeshorim also screen for schizophrenia? Because you seem to be suffering from it.

        • Chaim Danzinger

          Im actually schizoaffective %)

      • yoyoyo

        Maybe you’re just another desperate horndog

  • Garnel Ironheart

    I heard the opposite – goyishe music is assur because it’s goyishe so it’s forbidden all year ’round

    • Well of course that’s true but for those (of us) who were already moireh hetter to listen to goyishe music, continuing to listen during sefirah was matterrrrred as well.

  • Arthur

    Does anyone know which chusheve Bais Yaakov this was yet?

    • jk_notkidding

      lev bais yaakov

  • Chaim Danzinger

    >that feel when no hip frum gf

    I want to die

  • Chaim Danzinger

    Reminder that the Torah is OK with people hooking up with 12 year old women (|:^)

    • Chaim Danzinger

      Only meshugennah westerners disagree. Frummies who disagree have been influenced by secular society and are just parroting what Gloria *Steinman* propagandizes.

      But they are ok with two men buggering each other. Maybe there really is a leftist agenda to make society crazy like Bill Cooper (A”H) said.

  • Chaim Danzinger

    My Rabbi said that kol isha applies when you are actually in front of a woman singing. I don’t know if that applies to videos. I hope your local da’as Torah actually has citations on hand. (|:^)

    • Chaim Danzinger

      And I just have to add, Rav Manashe Klein says listening to a woman sing is “disgusting” (Note he wasn’t quoted saying its “asur”) so theres that…..I don’t know if this odom gadol is even still alive, I just know my Rabbi holds from him so I know its legit. :^)

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