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Everyone’s a Moron

imageRegular person: “My life isn’t measured by how much money I can gather.”

Everyone:Block this person’s posts but stay friends?

Random person: “Here’s a picture of my food in a cool restaurant plus my cleavage.”

Rich Person: “Money isn’t a measure of a person’s worth.”

Everyone: “THANK YOU! SOOO true.”

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  • danieltb


    • Count chocula

      What does that mean?

      • danieltb

        It was so good I ctrl+D’d it.

      • danieltb

        Now that we have the definition of “favorited” out of the way, we can move on to the next step: it (i.e., “Favorited.”) was a joke.

      • danieltb

        BTW If you’re eating Count Chocula, you’re not going to get away with it: all of that sugar is going to destroy your blood vessels.

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  • Chaim Danzinger

    These articles aren’t even coherent. I just come here to grimace at the stories of OTDers who were molested by their outwardly-chassidshe parents.

    We should start a fund to bring back Heshy. His blogs were comfy af.

    • Chaim Danzinger

      Can you guys atleast once a month mention the wife-swapping rings that are in literally every single frum community?

      • The Other Mike

        Why don’t I ever get invited? Us tinok shenishbas always get shorted 🙁

    • Count chocula

      I remember when commenters added something and weren’t just whiny losers

      • danieltb


        • Count chocula


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