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Why is everything slim fit nowdays?

short-fatIf one would venture into their local chain clothing store they may notice that nearly every shirt and pair of pants has suddenly become slim fit. Maybe it wasn’t sudden and due to the fact I haven’t actually bought any new clothing in several years, the American population has suddenly beat obesity and become slim fit again. I went to Old Navy the other day and not one of their new buttoned down shirts was “normal” fit. For a man with a perpetual beer belly it’s hard to shop like that. I tried on an extra large shirt and it was super long and baggy, but closed off the circulation to my cleavage areas (I don’t actually have man boobs, but if I did have them, this area would receive no ventilation) I went looking for jeans at Kohls and once again, they were almost all slim fit. The last time I went shopping, obesity was in full swing, is everyone suddenly super slim fit, or is it the style to walk around sucking in your fat all day.

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  • The Other Mike April 23, 2014, 4:26 PM

    I’m pretty sure the current style (for men and women) is to still be obese, but to suck in your gut and squeeze into these skinny jeans and shirts. Around here you see tons of girls packing their big ol’ butts into jeans that are clearly cut for normal sized people. There does seem to be a sub-group of men, however, that prefer to handle this situation by not buttoning their jeans, providing an extra inch or so of relief for their burgeoning bellies.

    I wonder if the clothing companies are using stronger thread to keep the seams from spitting all the time, or if they are just glad that we will be replacing stuff more often since we are now to lazy to sew.

  • tesyaa April 24, 2014, 4:33 AM

    Why are 8-year old yeshiva boys wearing tight suit pants that end above their ankles? Why hasn’t this style been banned?

  • Izzy April 24, 2014, 9:29 AM

    Heshy, you’re just shopping at the wrong stores! Shop at Abercrombie & Fitch where they clearly cater to the obese (of mind anyways) and you can satisfy your needs there. Ever notice how older men with a little extra baggage in Cali never tuck in their button down shirts or T-shirts? That’s a good trick to employ as it hides the obvious.
    Jeans are another matter….I don’t understand how new jeans with designer holes in them cost more than ones without. I walked through a clothing recycling factory in LA yesterday. We Americans discard our old clothes and rags made in China and this factory accumulates them into huge car-sized bundles and ships them back to where? Guess? CHINA. Then they recycle them there…probably put a few holes in them…and then re-sell them back to us for much more than their original cost. The Chinese must have long ago realized we are idiots and that the more shredded clothing they can send back to us, the more we are willing to pay for them. Who gets rich? I’ll give you a clue….next to the clothing recycling facility is a luxury SUV shipping company that has hundreds of Mercedes, BMW, Porche, High-End AWD Ford pickups, Lexus, and of course, brand new Land Rovers in a lot. They put them in shipping containers and they are trucked to the Ports of LA and Long Beach….ultimate destination…..guess where….CHINA.
    Many of the Jewish and Irish immigrants who came to our country in the early to mid-1900s were employed in the apparel industry. As almost all clothing manufacturing for the US is now done overseas, this great American industry is now a fraction of what it was. Feel great about buying American? Go to our own sweat shops in El Monte and East LA (where they proudly post signs “Made in America”) and see that your American-made apparel are largely made by Asian and Latin immigrants (probably most illegal) where working conditions are almost 3rd world…No air conditioning and working in some cases 12-hour shifts (especially around the holidays). Sorry for venting…but I have this with my own eyes. For the sweat shop workers, they appear happy as their children and a few of them have a shot at the American dream…for those of us who grew up entitled, it’s a nightmare to imagine this is life many in our own country. I can only imagine how those in the 3rd world countries would react if they knew the shredded jeans they were making were being sold for hundreds of dollars while they earn between from $25 to $50 a month…basically six cents an hour.

  • A. Nuran April 25, 2014, 12:35 AM

    Try The Sportsman’s Guide. Great prices, good selection (although you never know what they’re going to have) and all sorts of sizes. There’s everything from Czech Army cook’s aprons to bike shorts to cowboy boots to slacks. And that’s just in the clothing section. Leans a bit to outdoors and work clothes.

  • moishela May 5, 2014, 4:24 AM


    Discussion with Moishela (with his family)

    A Handicapped child

    24 Adar 2 5774 (March 25, ’14)

    “Achdus Is To Be One With Hashem”

    I want to tell you something very important. I want to tell you that the only way that we are going to survive this terrible time before Moshiach brings us to the Geula Sheleimah is by having Achdus, and Achdus is to be one with Hashem. Those so-called Jews that do not want to be one with Hashem cannot have Achdus with Jews that have chosen to have Achdus with Hashem, His truth, and His Torah. The Olam Habah of Moshiach that Hashem has promised us will not be able to accommodate the Apikores the atheist the Erev Rav the Jew-hating gentile, the Amalak, the Helininst etc. Therefore I beg all true Jews to band together and separate ourselves from the evil ones. We must stop mixing with them because their distorted Judiasim could rub off on us and our very spiritual and physical existence can be endangered. We can be polite to them, but they are not part of the truth. We can’t mingle with them because it makes us become like them. It rubs off and therefore this is not what Achdus is.

    Achdus is to be one with Hashem. That means Am Yisroel must be one with Hashem. On Har Sinai when Hashem lifted the mountain over our heads and we said Na’aseh Venishma, that was Achdus. Only that Achdus will save us. Therefore I dont know how many Yidden will be left to greet Moshiach. However those that will be left will be those that stood at Har Sinai, and said Na’aseh Venishma, and that is the true Achdus, and we will do the same thing. We won’t be standing at Har Sinai, but we will be standing together and we will say again Na’aseh Venishma. We will say Shema Yisroel and we will be one, one nation together with the one and only G-d, the Hakol Yachol, the Ribbono Shel Olam and then we will be ready to become true and eternal Bnei Chorin.

    I am very worried about Am Yisroel because I know that as of right now we dont really have this kind of Achdus, Hashem Yishmor. Some of us have Achdus with the Egel HaZahav, and a bit with Hashem, and some have Achdus only with themselves and their desires, even though they are considered Chareidi Jews and dress like Chareidi Jews. Boruch Hashem, there are still some Jews that are really looking for truth and are trying to have this kind of Achdus. But the Frum society all over the world has broken up into groups. It’s not one Am anymore. It’s this one with this Rebbe and that one with the other Rebbe or with this Rav or with that Rav. Sephardi, Ashkenazi, Chassidish, Litvish, Taimani, etc. everyone with their own little groups and unfortunately those little groups have become the whole world for each one of their members, and therefore it’s hard to have Am Yisroel Echad, and very many times in these Chareidi groups, their connection with the group becomes almost an Avodah Zorah, Shelo Naida. And therefore, there will come a time where all the Sheker will disappear and those who are seeking truth will come together Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Chassidish, Litvish, Taimani, etc. We will come together as one. Until that happens we can’t have the Geula Sheleimah, but it will happen soon, and it will happen suddenly, but I dont know how many will be part of that group that will enter into the Geula Sheleimah alive.

    I cannot tell you how many nights I don’t sleep over this just thinking how many Jews are going to fall by the way because they really dont have the souls of Yidden, but Erev Rav. It’s so hard to know who they are, especially if they are considered Frum Yidden. Still this is the fact and this is the way it is going to be. I have to remind you that it doesnt mean that any Jew that Chas Vesholom, is Niftar before the Geula Sheleimah, is an Erev Rav. No we’ll know at the end who the Erev Rav are and their death will be much different than a regular one.

    But I cry at night many tears because I feel that there will be a comparatively few Jews that will actually greet Moshiach Tzidkainu. I hope and pray that I am totally wrong about this.

    I want to say that I am so glad to have spoken today because I really was suffering last night. Tonight it should be easier.

  • vikramchiyyan007 May 12, 2014, 2:37 AM

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  • Hitler Charls June 3, 2014, 8:49 PM

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  • Byraer September 8, 2016, 8:54 PM

    I bought a suit size 48R Chaps@ khols still fits nicely from year 2009 went back to khols to look at the same style suit 48R did not fit me, in fact I went back home to make sure I was not losing it and tried on my 48r and it fit me. My 2009 suit, 100 percent wool and looks newer than the cheap wool blend ka ca churning out nowadays. I think the slim fit agenda is the industries way of telling guys over 40 to watch what your shoving down your gullet and ease up on the booze. You don’t have to be obese to fall out of place with the clothing industry i.e. a little love handle can throw you into two sizes larger and cause massive confusion and frustration. I watched my best friend actually cry as he tried on pair after pairs of pants and still no fit..maybe the will have a special therapy room for that in the stores…who knows until then if I have an event that requires a suit I Shall prepare myself days in advance like my mother did by drinking water and slim fast. pssssst

  • Allan Sidney Espinas Aquino May 20, 2017, 1:15 PM

    I grew up during Arnold’s era and everybody pumped iron so my legs are huge and I couldn’t find any chinos, jeans or slacks that fit me eventhough I’m a 36W and not obese, just muscular like a DUDE! I hate this slim fit trend that’s going on–gay, straight or bi, we are men and shouldn’t be squeezing into women’s pants!

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