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Do you have megillah attention deficit disorder?

Everyone does…but in this rant I also go through the lack of homemade hamentaschen and the fact that when they are homemade, the dough to jelly ration is too high. All along the secret to good hamentaschen was butter, but I wasn’t working in the food industry in 2008.

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  • telz angel

    I just think about what it would be like to have Hegai’s job (HeyGuys!), taking care of all that bathing and stuff… The mind wanders… As long as the reading doesn’t last for 4 hours, I don’t have to call the doctor.

  • I mean this is great, but dude, you’re married, you gotta make your bed, didn’t your chosson teacher teach you that?

    • You don’t know me too well, that video was from 2008. Filmed at my place in Spring Valley

      • Shragi

        Good, I just hope that you make your bed now, my chosson teacher insisted that it’s very important.

  • Haman

    I was the guy with the shofar at my schul!

  • A. Nuran

    The secret to most baked goods is butter.

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