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Why we still fast on Tisha B’Av

Tisha B'av

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  • tesyaa

    The real reason we fast is because we feel guilty if we don’t. (Those who don’t fast have evolved beyond this kind of guilt…)

    • Sweaty Jew

      Yea this is my first year I plan on not fasting, as much as I may want our historic bbq stand to return.

    • I guess it’s kind of like eating corn on Pesach.

    • eliezer


  • Dan


    Tisha b’av is the only day I can handle serious posts. I’ll read this tomorrow.

    • dans friend

      ur so interesting dan

  • All of the above. And the Artscroll gemarah hate. Of course.


    take it easy shragi

  • Cough K

    Not to sound Third Reich-ish, but I blame the Jews.

  • cough kok

    fuck u cough k

  • Marion

    Hey, at least we don’t throw stones at each other’s synagogues–at least not yet!

    • A. Nuran

      Synagogues, maybe not. But there’s been plenty of stones thrown at cars and people

      • Dan

        yeah, what’s the point of throwing stones at synogogues. Walls don’t bleed.

  • Thank you, Heshy.