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Extreme Pesach Items: Kosher for Passover Salt Water

We’ve all seen kosher toilet bowl cleaner, shabbos toilet paper and kosher l’pesach fuel transmission flushes, but now “they” (those Pesach mafia price gouging sob’s who seek to make everyone frummer than thou) have come up with the dumbest most extreme pesach product I’ve seen yet. What is the most extreme pesach item you’ve seen this year? Please post below:

Hat tip Rachmuna

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  • Frozen Macaroon dough

    • Anonymous

      I saw that! Whyyyyy!

  • Michael K.

    We all know that HaKadosh Baruch Hu tests us. like he tested our forefathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob et al. One can only hope that this is a test for us, and that anyone who attempts to purchase this item is immediately struck down dead by lightning or falls into an open earth pit that immediately seals itself shut or is forced to listen to radio ads for Gold’s Horseradish for all eternity.

  • Last year I actually saw KLP frozen hot dog buns.

  • 5Downer

    There was an article in one if the 5T Jewspapers interviewing the owner of gourmet Glatt. He said a vendor tried to sell him on a pre-packaged Eiruv Tavshilin set consisting of a hard boiled egg and a piece of matzoh. But they do actually sell pre-wrapped bread cubes as part of a Bedikat Chometz kit. The cubes are numbered, an the kit comes with a blank list so you can record where you put each one. The dumbest part of the whole thing (yes there is a dumber part) is that they are wrapped in plastic, which is toxic when burned!

    • Chaim

      I actually use them it save alot of time and headach

    • Sholom

      I’m pretty sure the double-wrapped, vacuum-sealed plastic makes it not fit to be consumed by a dog, and thus not khumits.

  • Anna

    My friend in London posted a photo on Facebook of small recycle bin that was covered in aluminium foil from last years pesach

  • Critic

    Considering what plain bottled water costs this stuff is a bargain,

  • Shmuel

    Ovadiah Yosef has come out this year with a hechsher for KLP cigarettes!

    • A. Nuran

      That one really bothers me. How can they give out heshers for suicide?

      “We understand you’re poisoning yourself, and we’re cool with that. Just please make sure to do it with a weapon that’s certified chometz-free”

      • It’s real and I’ve seen it. It says in the ad though That cigarettes cause death etc.

        What about chocolate on a stick and they Call it chocolate lollipops…

  • MS

    Is that real? I can’t tell if it is or not?

  • Marcos

    I read a while back about paper plates not being kosher for Pesach because of cornstarch being an ingredient. So I vote for Kosher for Pesach paper plates!

  • Andrea

    My local kabala miracle workers will clean your soul for Pesach, my boyfriend offered to soap my mouth out with special kosher anti-loshon-hora soap, my computer service center does a free cleaning of your keyboard with a vacuum cleaner if you get your broadband internet filtered by them, and my best friend cleaned her husbands hard drive for Pesach ( she found stuff worse than chometz, believe me)

    • The Other Mike


    • Alter Cocker

      I hope she deleted all the cookies.

  • Adam

    I love the way it’s 99p. Clever marketing! If it had been a pound no-one would buy it!

  • Heshy,

    You are causing me to sin ! I accidentally bought kabbalah water from the kabbalah center ad on your site next to this article. It isn’t salted, it isn’t lubavitch shechita, and the seder is tomorrow night – what do I do ? ( I have Chabad smicha, but I can’t find the video of the rebbe making salt water. )

    Gutten Pesach, Yechi !

  • DS

    There is actually a legitimate toeles for such an item. You cannot make salt water on Yom Tov, le chatchila. It would have to made ahead of time. This is for those who lack the halakhic foresight to make their salt water ahead of yom tov.

    • Anonymous

      yet they have the foresight to buy salt water…

  • once saw an ad in the yated for kosher for pesach water – problem was that the teudah in the ad expired before pesach so it didnt even have any hecsher at all.