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Sign in Mea Shearim welcoming Obama to Israel

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  • BostonDave

    This is awesome

  • jo

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    • Menashe

      From the looks of it, I’d say this is Neturei Karta at work. They probably love Obama because they think he’s Muslim.

      • Anoniniinnininin

        Of course. How else could they call him “Barak (missing ‘c’) Hussein Obama” with a straight face?

  • Chayal boded

    I’m glad you got my picture. I found it fascinating the level of English used. I also went around ripping down a bunch.

  • His Excellency.


    • B.BarNavi

      They forgot their long S’s and ct ligatures.

    • Itche

      That was the title adopted by congress in 1789. Somebody’s fourth grade education is getting put to good use.

  • Bal Tosifu

    It would be interesting to see the siddurim all these pseudo-religious Hamas-lovers of Neturei Kartei use. There’s a lot of use of the word Tzion (“Zion”) in the daily prayers that presumably they must feel uncomfortable saying, since they restrict their “definition” of Zionism to the Zionism of the Hamas and the atheist-zionists.
    To those who support giving control of land and guns to the baby killers in Hamas (as these nuts do) – sorry, that’s not Torah. That’s not Judaism. That is insanity. The Neturei Karta and elements of Satmar who want to see the baby killers of Hamas ruling “Tzion” (Jerusalem) are vile and contemptable by any measure of religious observance, or any measure of common sense and human decency.

    • Bal Tosifu

      On March 11, 2011 3 month old Hadas Fogel, 4 year old Elad Fogel, 11 year old Yoav Fogel and their parents Udi and Ruth were DELIBERATELY (not in any way accidentally,or during a guerilla military strike, but DELIBERATELY targeted and) stabbed to death by Palestinian “fighters against the Zionist occupiers”. The Hamas/PA celebrated the attack and the attackers in Arabic to their Palestinian subjects. Neturei Karta and some Satmar want these Hamas/PA thugs to be in control (instead of the IDF) of land and guns. Res Ipsa Loquitor.

      • Michel

        On Failed Messiah, there was coverage of the demonstration they had to make their point.

  • Anonymous

    NEW YORK—Following his recent ban on soda containers over 16 ounces, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced that he now intends to place similar limits on wine and matzo consumption at Passover seders.

    “Everyone knows that Jews struggle with obesity,” the mayor declared at a news conference yesterday at Gracie Mansion, “so why aggravate the problem by drinking four whole cups of wine and eating three large sheets of matzo at a single meal?”
    Noting that the Passover foods are a Jewish tradition dating back thousands of years, the mayor said, “That may be so, but look at the health problems they create. You eat all that unleavened bread, and your system is bound to get backed up. It’s no wonder Moses was pleading, ‘Let my people go.’”

    Bloomberg added, “No one needs that much wine at a meal, either. And, shamefully, the biggest offender is a Jewish icon—the prophet Elijah. On seder night, he goes from house to house drinking. Who does he think he is, some frat boy?”

    In a surprising display of erudition in Jewish law, the mayor said he was familiar with, and opposed to, the adherence to the strictest requirements encouraged by some Torah sages. “If you intend to adhere to the shiurim of the Chazzon Ish, or even Rabbi Moses Feinstein, take your Seder out of the City,” said a defiant Bloomberg.

    He outlined his restrictions as follows:
    For the drinking of the four cups – “3.3. oz. will be the maximum permitted under New York City law. You may think 5.3 ounces is a saintly amount to drink for each of your 4 cups, but it is overly burdensome on the NYPD when they have to haul your machmir tuchus off to detox.

    For the Eating of Matzoh – “No more than the size of 1/3 of an egg, measured by weight and not volume. You will be subject to citation or arrest if you feel the need to stuff half of a ‘Talmudic’ egg in your mouth and choking on your high halachic standards.”

    The Mayor then left the press conference angrily, turning only to add, “Next year in Jerusalem. IF you can fit on the plane!”

    • Elijah the Frat Boy

      LOVE this!

    • Anoninininininiiniiiiiiiiiiin

      I like this. I suggest you send it to The Knish at their “submit” page. They might like it.

    • chanah


  • Jake

    That’s VERY offensive, backhandedly.

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