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This is not frum, Jewish, or Satire: But possibly one of the coolest videos I’ve seen

I now know that all the stuff from the fast and the furious movies is possible. Even if you’re not into cars doing crazy stuff on the streets on San Francisco, I think this will blow your mind. The first 6 minutes are must see.

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  • Turd Degree

    I’ll never figure out why he wasn’t pulled over…

  • Telz Angel

    No Lombard Street action? Isn’t that the crooked street in SF?
    Anyway, I can do all that stuff on MarioKart.

  • zach

    Got bored very quickly after watching. I thought this one would have been more up your line Heshy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxwVXp0uEIg

    • If you got bored quickly you probably didn’t make it past the intro, go start it at 2 minutes and see if you get bored.

  • EPA

    What sort of fuel economy does he get?

  • Frum fighter

    He’s trying to get home before Shabbas.

  • someone

    this is does sound jewish, frum and satire. like a chasidish guy trying to make it from willi to Monsey for shobbos or something

  • ms