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Dov Hikind and the overblown liberal media reaction

Truth be told I didn’t really see what the big deal was with Dov Hikind’s costume, those black people need to calm the F down. Why does everything need to be so politically correct these days, it’s not like we Jews moan and groan every time someone decides to call Israel Palestine or deny the Holocaust, or even dress up as a hook nosed shylock. Yet, here we have one of their own (Dov Hikind is a scumbag Democrat) dressing up in support of the Black Lobby, he merely was bringing Blackface theatrical performance to Purim. As far as I’m concerned it’s no worse than dressing up as an SS officer for Halloween.

Jon Stewart seems to agree:

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  • deb m.tern.

    are you just playing ‘devil’s advocate’ so as to get a rise and create a lively conversation….? or are you just a real &1#(%@!? I find your ‘la dee dah’ attitude ignorant at best… whereas obnoxious and arrogant actually describes it better… that you so cavalierly equate dressing up as an SS as being = (or even just similar) to what the media all seem to be calling “blackface” ?!?is actually terrifying, particularly coming from a Jew!!! you truly see this as = equal?!? Are you on something? ss were EVIL. A black person is neutral, until one demonstrates who one is…

    • bratschegirl

      Welcome to Frum Satire. Emphasis on “satire.”

      • Dan


    • Michael K.

      I’d like Heshy to answer her question: “Are you on something?”


      • Nah, I smoke once a month or so, but at the moment of this post I was on coffee and kashi.

  • Ari Gold

    Fellow Lawmakers Slam Dov Hikind For Purim Costume Featuring Blackface Makeup

    Political correctness gone mad! People are too damn sensitive these days.

    • Yochanan

      I can’t tell whether you are serious or sarcastic just by reading your comment.

      But, I wonder what would happen if a black person were to dress in the jewniform, complete with fake peyos and a prosthetic hook nose, while carrying money bags.

      Would people tell Jews, and others, who complained, “Stop being so PC!”?

      • Telz Angel

        Actually, the only way I could imagine getting away with a blackface costume is if my dark-skinned partner dressed in whiteface or jewface and we’d make sure to stand next to each other so closely that there is no way to crop a picture with one of us, not the other.

        Or maybe if we mixed it up like Commissioner Bele and Lokai and wore t-shirts that said: “Let this be your last Purimshtick.”

      • This is aimed at the double standard that orthodox Jews tend to create when they bitch and moan about any little antisemitic thing that anyone does, let alone lawmakers.

        • Yochanan

          My comment was directed at Ari Gold.

      • jane

        Did Dov wear a prosthetic big black lips? If not your comparison falls flat. It’s always a sign that people have no valid argument when they compare apples and oranges.

        • Yochanan

          No. But he dressed in a style that was used to humiliate blacks for over a hundred years.

          Blackface is to blacks what Shylock is to Jews.

          You should also read what Ma Nishtana has to say about it.


        • Michael K.

          Or even when they compare apples and orange soda.

  • f this

    1st amndt protects offensive speech

    • Telz Angel

      You are obviously an American. In this case, I mean that as an insult.

      A frum jew understands that we operate based on what is right to say, not based on what rights we have to say it.

  • FYI – Jon Stewart rips Hikind a new one in the first part of that sketch which you didn’t share: http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/tue-february-26-2013/crazy-stupid-dov

  • ms

    Great post but the comments are even funnier!!

    • the treasure always lies in the comments, especially on political issues.

  • Bal Tosifu

    First off, Dov Hikind is an idiot for doing this. Did he drink stupid juice ?
    However, many of the people crawling out of the woodwork criticising him are hypocrites because they are suddenly offended by this, were strangely silent after Jewish students were forceably abused and removed from a Brooklyn College (!) Political Science department event for WEARING YARMULKAS while holding flyers (so much for free speech) on January 7, 2013. Where was the criticism of CUNY, you people? Dov Hikind acts like a (hypocritical) moron, and the bile flows.
    But young Jews in Brooklyn College are abused and removed (the most recent time Dov Hikind held one of his press conferences), and everyone yawns.

  • AC

    This is just a baseless attack against Dov Hikind. Dressing as a black person is not blackface.

    • Been There

      It wasn’t a baseless attack – the basis was the ignorance of those who didn’t know the difference between blackface makeup (minstrel shows) and black face makeup (Robert Downey Jr. in _Tropic Thunder_).

      They are probably the same ignoramuses who think that antisemitism denotes hatred of all semites.

      My shalach manos theme was more subtle: The card read “Happy February Purim” and the bag contained a certain Yuengling beer, a plum, a tiny can of olives and a shaker of pepper.

  • jane

    Are you really comparing Holocaust denial with dressing up as a basketball player? Also putting on a “hook nose” would be the equivelent to putting on big fake lips, which he didn’t do. Not sure if you are just overreaching in your comparison or it is part of the satire, but it really doesn’t work

    • Telz Angel

      Note to Dov’s press secretary:

      Next time someone asks you if you regret offending millions of people just say “hey, I didn’t paint on the big lips, so technically it wasn’t really blackface. Then again, we did have watermelon at the party, does that count?”

    • Yochanan


      A disheveled afro wig is an exaggerated ethnic feature just like big fake lips or a hook nose would be.

  • Ori

    “The Black lobby” dude this is one of yr funniest yet!

  • Michael K.

    I guess his Klan outfit didn’t make it back from the cleaners in time.

  • SJ
  • Yochanan

    Come to think of it, he looks more like a drag queen than anything else.