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Blow up doll lights shabbos candles


Mo Gelber has an album on his Facebook page called Travels with Rivkah and it’s really brilliant. He does brilliant things with a camera and this is one of them. He makes people laugh and he makes for some very awkward situations. Looking forward to more Jewish blow up doll shots.

  • Toldos Aron

    whats your problem? these blowup doll do not have to open mouths…

  • Yonoson

    There’s a picture of the Lubavitcher rebbe in the background?

  • tesyaa

    I love you young kids who don’t even remember the movie Airplane.

  • Sara

    This is obviously meant to be plain funny and there’s no need for negative comments to ruin your ‘fun’ but I actually… just don’t find this funny. You’re including strangers into your fun and when they don’t comply you post pictures of them online without their permission with a blow up doll.

    Calling her Rivka, is just Mo’s way of saying ”woe is to me” for being otd and emphasizing ”the already bad stigma we have on such people”

    • Michael K.


    • Mo Gelber

      Sara –

      what makes you think I am otd?


      • Sara

        Facebook tells all;)

        • Mo Gelber

          do elaborate. :)


  • Mendy W.

    perhaps this photo represents the dawn of the messianic era where even lower forms of life will appreciate torah and mitzvos

  • Anonymous

    that is so inappropriate and un-tzniusdik. If you want to do that, why must you do it in the frum neighborhoods? It is so disrespectful. I am disappointed that this was posted on this blog.

    • Josh B.

      why is there a shidduch crisis in the frum neighborhoods?

      obviously the photographer is lampooning the shidduch crisis .

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