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Just another reason why YU (Yeshiva University) is assur

The following video has been going around and it makes it blatantly clear why YU will continue to be viewed as assur by a majority of the frum world. Yeshiva University and its brand of supposed “orthodoxy” is very damaging because their institution fools many unsuspecting folks into believing they are teaching authentic Judaism, when it’s really just a sham like YCT their sister all boys school. YU and its coeducation, mixed dancing, sports playing and women’s learning is probably more dangerous to the survival of authentic shtetl Judaism than the internet or the off the derech community.

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  • mrmoose

    Actually gayer than Trembling before G-d

    • Shimon doesn’t rhyme with Cinnamon

      How dare you call that video gay?

  • Max

    Love the dorky dancing of the girl in front, she is looking for trouble…

  • SJ

    ugh the music sucks

    this shit can’t beat rock/metal listen to this one losers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlAe77E3gxY

    damn plz don’t tell me that these YU dorkwads are beiber freaks too.

  • SJ

    this music sucks

  • Rebbetzin Hockstein

    OMG! forget the YU version. When you go to YouTube there is a version that comes up, Hasidic Israel version. A must see! Hysterical.

  • Rae

    This has to be done in Monsey!!!! youtube pays you for viral video’s, right?

  • Dani

    You forget that YU is basically in Spanish Harlem.

  • Anonymous

    YU has mixed dancing? I never heard of that.