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David Finkelstein on Jewish pre-marital relations

Is he amazing? No, but orthodox Jewish comedians are so rare that I really appreciate them when they come along, the same could be said about me – I’m not a great comedian, but I have good ideas and there aren’t too many other frum guys/girls with balls to get up there and say em.

Hat tip to The Mrs.

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  • odessa1891

    He’s hilarious. would totally go out with him.

    • Anonymous


  • zach

    C’mon, the guy is funny. “I’ve never touched a girl in my entire life…. with her consent.”

    Got some good chuckles from this.

  • A. Nuran

    He’s very funny.

  • Anonymous

    Funniest line was ‘id love a receipt’

  • very cute

  • Marcus Elderad

    I’ve seen loads of stand-up comedy in my life and have many acquaintances and close friends in that field. My opinion is not politically or religiously motivated… HE’S HILARIOUS!!!

  • DavidWag

    3… 2… 1… And he’s in cherem.

  • Witness

    Yeah, not cool. This guy is taking serious halakhic issues and ridiculing them. OK, so people go overboard with the chumrot sometimes. That doesn’t mean you can turn the basic idea into a joke, especially in front of (what I assume is) a largely secular and probably largely non-jewish audience. Needs to go back over what Hazal say about scoffers.

    • Dan

      Wow, good point. I’m glad you came to this website to say that. All of us are going to take that to heart.

    • Michael K.

      I wonder what Hazal says about people who assume…?

      • person

        …or those with zero sense of humor

    • snooks

      Only someone who spells it “halakhic” would say that. Khill yourself.

  • ksil

    men and “ladies”

    hate that


    • Anonymous

      real yeshivish people only say ladies, not girls. girls is too pritzusdik.

    • Turd Degree

      It’s called ‘misogynist’.

      • David

        “It’s called ‘misogynist’.”

        Whats “It”?

        • portyid

          its funny…let it go

    • Yochanan

      The thing that annoys me about the use of “ladies” is that “lady/ladies” has an air of sophistication (think ladies and gentlemen) that many of the people who say it simply don’t have.

  • Anonymous

    These things are better left unsaid not as boring as the frum blogs

  • Anonymous

    yup. funny.

  • Anonymous

    Obama to offer shabbos Goy services as saturday mail ends.

  • Anonymous

    This guy is very funny! But he is not Orthodox. Just a quick search on YouTube will show you that. But none the less still very funny.

  • Anonymous

    I have nothing to prove to you if you’d like to think he is forum then go ahead. But if you go on youtube and search his name you will see other wise!

    • Dan

      Why so defensive? I searched on youtube, and I’m not seeing what you see.

    • bratschegirl

      Nor am I. I see one comment saying “He’s religious but not Hasidic,” but I never heard him claim that he was. So come on, what exactly is this smoking gun you’re so anxious for all of us to see? Link, or we’ll have to assume you’re just blowing smoke of your own.

    • Anonymous

      i actually know this guy from yeshiva. his real name is Dovid Greenstein.
      he was actually one of the most serious learners… go figure.
      anyway i think its funny.

  • jackeo

    Methinks Heshy is just the teensiest bit, you know, how do they say, whats the word for it?

  • snooks

    His delivery is actually pretty great…”I’d LOVE a receipt.” Amazing.

  • Witness
  • Port yid

    Stop over thinking, over analyzing everything ..Its funny. The end!

  • Been There

    He’s funny, but I don’t want him to go viral with this material, or we’ll never attract unmarried BTs from among the frum-curious.

    Of course, his “consent” line is priceless because it could have many different meanings, from “I accidentally touch women” to “I’m about to be mentioned on FailedMessiah” to “I’m going to compose easy-to-strum niggunim and the feminist hippie chicks will keep quiet after I touch them.”