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Best Talis Bag Initials ever!

Thanks to David who posted this on my facebook wall.

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  • md_guy

    What is so funny about this?

    • Anonymous

      I also didn’t get it until I googled milf. Lets be happy we don’t know about these things. I bet the guy whose tallis bag it is also doesn’t know what in means.

      • Anonymous

        You mean Moshe Yitzchak Levi Foglestein?

        • Leeba


  • bratschegirl

    My Hebrew ain’t the greatest but it’s good enough… LOL!

  • A. Nuran

    😐 🙂 😀

  • R.W.

    And inside the talis bag is a small Tfilas Haderech that starts with the words Y’hi Ratzon Milf-anecha

    • Anonymous


    • A. Nuran

      You win +1 assur Internets

  • Susie

    So, basically, you’ve got the sense of humor of a 9-year old.

    • an-on

      If your 9-year old knows what that stands for then you’ve got bigger problems than Heshy’s sense of humor.

      • Anonymous

        susie- if you do not find this hysterically funny, there is something wrong with you

    • I would like to say 16 year old, but I doubt any 9 year olds even know from Stifflers mom.

    • Michael K.

      You say that like something’s wrong.

  • groinem

    I once saw the teffilin bag of Tuvya Yeruchem Fishel Schustal, in hebrew!