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Frum stand up usually isn’t that good – David Finkelstein does a good job

This was really good, I have such low expectations from frum comedians and this guy rocks(if I took classes I could probably have been good, but I’m washed up now)

Find more frum comedy at 4torah.com

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  • bratschegirl

    Nice. Kind of a Steven Wright style of delivery.

  • Holmes

    What’s his name? Does he have any other videos online?

    • Holmes

      Sorry! Screen was fouled up. Please delete these two posts.

  • Curiouser

    If you haven’t seen the “Holocaust Diet”, Chabad is now supporting it.


  • http://Www.blogofthiscentury.com Eugene

    I thought that was some of the worst standup I ever heard.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Pretty lame….

  • Robert Adler

    I found him to be very funny, its probably all the frummies saying he’s not funny because he used the word thong in his routine. He’s funny!

  • Lex Luthor

    Haha 😀

  • http://yeshivaforum.wordpress.com OfftheDwannaB

    The hat part was awesome

  • http://google jo

    Ever heard of Mendy Pellin?

  • Ehelio Trever

    Genius timing and sophisticated style of humor. I want more!! Boo to all the kvetchers

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