Charedi Snowman in Jerusalem

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  • A. Nuran

    At least he’s wearing a white shirt

  • bratschegirl

    Tzitzis tucked in? Tsk.

  • Telz Angel

    Caption contest. This can get fun…

    “Charedim experiment with snow-golems who would take on a parallel identity, serve in the army for them.”

    “Shimon Peres finally finds peace partner in the middle east.”

    “American Oleh looking for shabbat hospitality.”

  • tolodos aron

    as long they make a snowMAN its ok, making a snowWOMAN is not allowed.
    this bocher is looking at a snowMAN.

    can you imagine a snowWOMAN??? omg

  • Bal Tosifu

    There’s us joking here. Then there’s this: