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Christmas Niggun – amazing!!!

It can’t be that famous if no one’s ever sent it to me, this is amazing!

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  • Holmes

    Absolutely hilarious! Would love to know details about who made it.

    • Dan

      Yes, I can’t really imagine people who really look like that making this as a joke.

      The guy in the front left looks pretty real. The other three young guys look like MO dudes who just put the costume on. (Note how the front left guy is not wearing a hat, because he actually looks chareidi and they are underscoring that.) The old guy could be a fake beard, or could just be some lunatic who happens to have a geshmak beard.

      In whatever event, it’s pretty cute.

  • redhead ’nuff said

    totally taking credit for sending you this =)

  • A. Nuran

    Very funny!

  • jiujitsu princess

    rebbetzin, where’s the eggnog?

    • Yochanan

      How do you know they didn’t make the LeChayim on that?

  • toldos aron

    the woman eat seperate in the kitchen and are clealt not allowed to sing along, because the here might ger a hirhur.

    give me a brake!

  • What did the woman bring in that jar? I am curious to know.

  • Mair Zvi

    How do you know that the gentlemen in this video are not real Lubavitchers?
    Listen carefully: After they finish their nigunim and they drink their glasses of schnapps. They say, “L’chaim!” But they say it only once. It is a well-known fact that true Lubavitchers will always say, “L’chaim!, L’chaim! -twice- after drinking their vodka.