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Chassidic Jews doing Gangnam Style at a wedding

In Internet Time this video is already old, but I just saw it and I’m sure some you haven’t seen it yet. I couldn’t help but wonder about how untznius the Gangnam video was and how I’m sure everyone in the crowd saw it. New shidduch question maybe? I can imagine shadchanim asking “do you know what gangnam style is?”

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  • It’s a nice video, but many of the people in the video don’t look at all chassidic.

  • Anonymous

    Proof that jews know how to rock.

  • Anonymous

    this a gay wedding, for me – no question about it

    • Anonymous

      isn’t it wonderful?

  • anon
  • shvimkleid

    Another question – how does the haredi wedding band know the gangnam style song? You know all these haredi bands listen to the latest Top 40 on the radio to get new material to Jewify for their gigs.

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