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Most Chanukah videos suck!

But I think Bubbele Please is the bees knees.

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  • Anonymous

    i was wondering on the connection between chanuka & sex, sexy ect. on purim some dress up sexy or busty & curvy, but there is no sex, but on chanukah there is the sexy romantic candles, its cold outside, people want to warm up, lipa with his latest video including hot channies, this guys apron says “kiss my tuches”, one of the comments posted today was about “strip dreidel” (related to strip poker or nude twister) which is becoming more popular.

  • OMG

    there is that sense of connection between chanukah & sex, sexy. on purim one may dress up in sexy tight clothing busty and curvy, but chanuckah romantic candles, its cold outside, parties. it is where sex (not sexy) kicks in. look at the hot channies in lipa`s chanukah video, this person is weating an apron that says “kiss my tuchis”, one of the comments today is what `toldos aron` wrote about `strip dreidel` which is getting more popular.

  • When he said “that’s geshmok”, I doubled over

  • Ellis

    The back round music is Hilarius, in a Napolian Dynamite type of way.

  • protest

    chasidim don`t play strip dreidel, you have no idea whay you are talking about! and chanukah has zero connection with sex, so stop posting stupid comments! i have dont know where these type of people come from or goes on in their empty skulls.

    Hershy do you have any clue in this matter?

  • Anonymous

    Bong hits for Chanukah!!!

  • Holmes

    This one was good but I’m not very keen on the follow-up http://youtu.be/RiIxKMOxipA

    Your mileage may vary but I don’t particularly care for taking the name of God in vain or ending a blessing with “Motherf——s!”

  • This is awesome! No other way to describe it.

  • Avrumy

    All my orthogay friends loved this video. Bubbele, you have a little shmutz… I am not usually into black guys, but that guy warms my heart.

  • jiujitsu princess

    such male humor.

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