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Will Lipa Schmeltzer be put in cherem for featuring Hot Chanies in his latest video?

I watched the latest chanukah video from Lipa Schmeltzer and I could swear that he’s going to be the next off the derech musician, just like the Matisyahu beard-gate fiasco, Lipa has gone where no “frum” or “heimishe” artist has ever gone before. His latest video features women and these women are not just little girls, but full blown Hot Chanies wearing sheitles that cost more than my car. One can also argue that a chanukah video should not be promoting assimilation, yet the following Lipa video does just that. I wonder when someone is going to put him in cherem? Good thing his beard has been significantly shortened over the years, or else he may need to deal with even more criticism than this video is likely to generate.

Does anyone else notice the chabad theme?

Fine more Lipa videos on 4torah.com

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  • Velvel

    I love it! The women are not dancing or untznius at all. I think one of them was in verplank. People need to quiet down and do a little introspection, before they judge. It’s sad that so many get their tzistzis in a bunch every time a brotha lets his pais down.

    • Dan

      I know, right? There’s nothing suggestive at all about a woman putting on lipstick.

      • Phil Achio

        I couldn’t agree more.
        I’ll go back to watching Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love — the lipstick is better.

    • Anonymous

      Elbows are uncovered!

      • bk

        Elbows are supposed to be uncovered, it’s more tznius that way.

  • Anonymous

    love love love

  • ben

    heshy –

    have you seen verplanck yet?

  • Anonymous

    actually reminds me of the maccabeats

  • Its a cute video. It kind of reminds me of the Hanukkah Elektronika video though.

  • Zack

    it’s disgusting that he’s trying to mix chabad into his goyishe ideas!
    just like they dont tolerate it in squvere chabad doesent either!

  • Velvel

    Pipe down, Zack. You don’t speak for Chabad. I am a Lubavitcher and I love how Lubavitch-friendly Lipa is and I think that Chabad was portrayed nicely in this fun and tznius video.

    • Might as well be a goy, everyone knows that going chabad is one step closer to converting to Christianity.

      • Chana

        How can you possibly make such an uneducated statement like that?

        • Whaaaat?

          Oh great, another person that doesn’t know what “satire” means.

  • Berl

    This video is produced by Danny Finkelman. He is a Lubav which explain all the Chabad stuff in the video.

  • The Mrs.

    As a Lubav-leaner, I’d be remiss not to mention that a year hasn’t gone by of late when I haven’t seen him performing at a Chabad public menorah lighting. There’s ALWAYS been a Chabad theme to him.

  • boychikdagoychik

    Oy va voy – there’s a woman with bare elbows in the video. I thought this was supposed to be tznius!?

    • Mike

      i missed that at first, but yup, its there. this should absolutely be put in cherem.

    • Mike

      the sad fact is that these days people seem to think for some reason that having knees or elbows exposed is still tznius. its especially a problem in chabad, which isnt surprising considering theyre on the path to not being jews anymore within a few generations.

    • 45

      It’s perfectly tznius, what type of sect do you belong to?

      • Mike

        youre kidding, right? having elbows covered is basic halacha, not a chumra of any particular sect.

        • 45

          By ‘basic halacha’ you probably mean a halacha written in some recent tznius book that has no origins in the torah, gemarah, shilchan aruch or rambam.

  • Don

    OT: Can you do a post explaining the skinny black jeans with a velvet yarmulka type look? sort of in between hatzoloh hocker and brooklyn badboy?

  • Anon

    Electric Menorah on car. Rebbe picture shown for around a second (3:47). He might as well be “yechi”ing.

  • Dan

    I am kind of surprised that he would make a video like that.

  • Velvel

    Lipa’s love affair with Lubavitch is nothing new. A friend of mine has video of him Lipa waving a Moshiach flag as singing yechi. I have seen it.

  • Yochanan

    Not a Lipa fan. Or a fan of other frum pop artists, for that matter. But, I love the zipup bekishe.

  • UWStruth

    this may be the worst drek i’ve ever heard.

  • toldas aron

    what hersh is talking about is 0:50 (the lipstick lady), 1:17 (elbow lady) – i hope you are not counting 2:08, 3:21, 3:58, 4:02 if yes you need a big doctor.

    the lipstick lady and the elbow lady you see only for a fraction of a second, no different or much better than some of the advertisments out there.

  • Brooklyncoma
  • stu
  • shnor

    btw, you collect money for your car

  • Brian

    Is his video unavailable now?

  • Anonymous

    take that, christmas!

  • lipa

    i love lipa

  • Anonymous

    Oh how terrible! Women with makeup!

  • Anonymous

    U stuped fuckes! U wanna put him in “charem” becuese there’s women in his video???

  • Anonymous

    U stuped cunts
    ! U wanna put him in “charem” becuese there’s women in his video???

  • sam

    i don’t mined what he dos, I actually like it, BUT he should NOT be mixing thees stuff with any YIDISHKAYT (like chanukah )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anono

    I totally agree with you, he is meant to be a JEWISH singer enhancing the lives of those around him with frum music. Who is he to start filling our minds with these non jewish songs any one notice lady gaga (hang up the phone????) He is bringing tuma into our lives and definatly should be in cherem.

    • sam

      your right he should be put in jail !!!
      because he follows guysh ways and hears to ladies

    • sam

      and burn all his cds and boycott is music

  • Hello


  • Anonymous

    If he’s supposed to be a hasid, why is his beard so short?

    • sam

      he is on longer a hsid he no longer a jew

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