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Nechemya Weberman: Rapist or Victim?

I’ve been back to blogging for a week and my new goal of avoiding Jewish websites, blogs and news outlets almost worked.The Weberman trial, though, is too hard to ignore. If it was a white collar fraud case I would just throw it into the bin of “frum guys caught cheating on their taxes and making a small chillul hashem and convincing the rest of the world that Jews are slimy cheap bastards“, but this is the final nail in the coffin for those who seek to keep cases of abuse and molestation under wraps because they don’t need the rest of the world finding out. Nechemya Weberman is a rabbi and a Satmar, which means two things: he’s got tons of support from the Satmar community and the Satmar Rebbe and this trial is already a big chillul Hashem regardless of who’s guilty or not.

Now I’m fairly certain that 90% of the folks reading this have already jumped to the conclusion that he’s guilty and thinks (on a similar vein to Rubashkin) that the community will bail him out, but as posed on my Facebook wall, isn’t everyone innocent until proven guilty? I’m sure we want to believe that no 17-year-old girl from a frum home would go on trial testifying such nasty things, but what if? Could it be possible that Nechemya Weberman is a victim? I’d love to say probably not, but what if?

In my opinion the trial may actually be good for the Jews. It brings up so many issues that the frum community and leadership have been dancing around for years, like background checks for teachers, sex ed, young boys going to the mikvah, reporting sex abuse to police rather than the very rabbis who seek to protect molestors.

I’ve always viewed most modern day Chassidic sects as cult like anyway, so it doesn’t surprise me that he’s getting all this support, I’m just surprised he hasn’t fled to Israel yet. Then again, if Weberman wasn’t guilty of any wrongdoing, why was the accuser offered bribes and intimidation not to testify?

I would be more willing to give the guy a break (innocent until proven guilty) if it weren’t a kid testifying. I mean, what advantage could a 17-year-old girl have for claiming a Rabbi raped her? What motivation could she have? Will this change how the Chassidic community deals with abuse? Probably not, but for the rest of the community, we may see a good change.

Last but not least I saw this on Eliyahu Fink‘s facebook page today: “Imagine if the frum community treated rape and abuse the way Shimon and Levi did.” – A Victim of Abuse via Email

Find out more on 4torah.com

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  • Here is my post. I am sure he is guilty.

  • kishmirin

    Background checks for personnel in Satmar Yeshivas??? How naive are you?

    • ccmsm

      Whats the big deal, they probably do a background check already, they probably go to the satmar rebbe and ask him to approve. How much more of a background check can you get than having daas torah, straight from moshe m’sinai, approve the guy? This way they don’t have to waste any money on fancy background checks that use “computers” or the “internet” and instead can spend the time figuring out better ways to launder all that money they just saved so they don’t have to pay taxes on it but can still buy fancy stuff without arousing suspicion..

    • how about for personnel in any yeshiva…

  • Menachem

    funny that you’re willing to give him the benefit of the doubt but not Rubashkin

    • Whaaaat?

      Heshy posed a question. I don’t see anywhere that he stated whether he himself was giving the guy the benefit of the doubt.

      p.s. Rubashkin was, and is, as guilty as the day is long. There’s no room to negotiate that anyway.

    • Definitely not giving him the benefit of the doubt, Rubashkin was caught red handed, where this is a case of he said she said – difference is – in this case there is no money involved. Only an illegal counselor getting his pedophilia on and this child testifying despite threats and bribes. In my experience, Satmar is a lot more dangerous than chabad.

      • Sherree

        Really, Rubashkin red handed? How exactly? By the very same people who set him up to fail by forcing him into bankruptcy? Interesting theory and here, the unlicensed untrained self-titled “counselor”, the un-ordained, un-trained, un-certified, self-titled “Rabbi”, who does so many “favors” of which I would love to hear what they are, who extorted $12, 800 (basically a year’s tuition) in advance from the victim’s parents, who defiled and defamed her; who’s own attorney’s proved that HE had YICHUD with her, who’s own attorneys proved that HE was oiver the issur of “Moser”. Definitely NOT just and inyan of he said she said. And what was that you wrote, no money involved. Oh yes, there was, as I said there is the matter of $12,800 which of course was NO FAVOR, and the matter of the $500,000 bribe that his supporters tried to force on the victim and her husband. Then there is also the harassment because they didn’t take the bribe and his hechsher was stolen from him and HE lost his parnasah while poor respected and revered, admired and G-d like as the witness herself described, Webershmutz claims he could not make a parnassah after her accusations were put forth?

        Again which one do you believe? I know what he said and I don’t buy it one bit. Any religious man who is oiver the issur of Yichud cannot be trusted to be telling the truth!

        • A. Nuran

          Oh, for crying out loud. He broke a slew of laws, knew he was breaking them and suddenly he’s the victim? If he weren’t a yid with a big beard and bobbed shmekele you wouldn’t care. You’d probably make some comment about how awful the goyim are. But if the criminal is a Jew it’s all different.

        • The Mrs.

          Did you miss the part about the evidence that he falsified accounts receivable to show that they had more income than they did? And how they submitted this information in violation of Federal law to qualify for loans he could not afford to repay? Or did this part just go over everyone’s heads?

          If that’s not red-handed, I just don’t know.

      • A. Nuran

        Not that Chabad doesn’t have its share and doesn’t protect them. Consider the scandal in Australia

        • Seriously?

          I agree entirely: once a rav has been shown to violate yichud, then he has gone over to the dark side.

  • Don’t forget, Heshy, if one plans on giving Weberman the benefit of the doubt, they must also afford the victim that same courtesy; that isn’t something the Hasidic communities do.

    Though to be honest, the most shamelessly public crimes committed over this affair have been committed by the Satmar Hasidim. Hasid mean pious, but –

    Pious people do not try to bribe victims.
    Pious people do not intimidate victims’ families.
    Pious people do not resort to violence to accomplish their goals.

    Whether or not Weberman is convicted, Satmar is guilty.

    • Anonymous

      Pious people don’t.
      Frum communities do.
      Satmar as it is currently organized is evil and needs to be replaced or destroyed.

      • My point exactly.

        • Good thing I never had much respect for Satmar anyway, just proves my points in that the Charedim and ultra-orthodoxy in general is worse for the Jews than the Arabs could ever hope to be. I guess it’s good that most of Satmar is pro-Niturei Karta eh.

          • I think I’m going to write a little op-ed from you based on my little tidbit.

    • A. Nuran

      They also don’t call the victim a prostitute, try to force her into exile, destroy her boyfriend’s business or do everything in their power to keep their cultists from justice. Satmar does all of these.

    • Danny

      And pious people also don’t hold fundraisers — with 1000s in attendance! — for a suspected child rapist.

      As a side note: I was never much impressed with Satmar’s constant harangues of “innocent until proven guilty.” No one said that about Leiby Kletzky’s killer; because when the crime is horrible enough, even the Satmars are willing to skin the man alive.

      Thus, the only logical conclusion: Satmar doesn’t consider child rape to be much of a crime. At most, only a shidduch blemish.

      • Anonymous

        As a matter of fact, they do hold it as a crime, please don’t lie. However, in this case there is no evidence….and a lot of people know him personally and say he would never do such a thing. However, we will never the truth, only God.

        • The Mrs.

          Yeah, no evidence. Except, of course, a young lady that’s willing to humiliate herself nationally to bring someone to justice.

      • Anonymous

        And the reason they chose to believe the girl is because they do not like the Jews. Trust me, they are all eating up this story and were happy to put him in jail just because he is a Jew.

  • A. Nuran

    Well, I see a couple possibilities…
    1) If Satmar doesn’t like the Law, then Satmar can live outside its protections. Lynch the sumbitch and anyone who defends him.

    2) RICO! RICO! RICO! It would be dead easy for a Federal Prosecutor to show they’ve been involved in a “pattern of crime” covering at least three serious offenses. Triple damages and forced restructuring via the Big Federal Hammer.

    3) Lawsuits. Lots and lots of lawsuits. Sue the mother farkers every time they try to destroy the lives of someone who leaves. Sue the yeshivas for fraud. It will be dead easy; just pick one at random and send in the investigators. So on. So forth.

    4) Find a DA with a set of beytzim. Not Hynes. He has his lips wrapped firmly around the Satmar Sausage. Accessory. Accessory after the fact. Obstruction of Justice. Witness tampering.

    It’s very simple. The first and only essential duty of any society is to defend children and pregnant women. Letting filthy old pervs bang little girls like they were cheap gongs shows you’re corrupt. Trying to keep him from justice, threatening and intimidating the victim when she comes forward, trying to force her into exile and doing everything in your power to make sure NO baby-raper is brought to justice is proof positive that you are a dismal failure. You are probably beyond redemption, and it’s time to replace you with something that meets minimum standards of decency.

  • yichud-cuddles

    what kind of troll post is this? you actually think he didn’t do it Heshie? What was he doing alone in his apartment counseling “troubled girls”? Why was the school insisting that girls be sent to him? The school is going to get sued, and the full extent of the perversion is going to come out even further. I don’t think the school will be in existence in 5 years.

    • Whaaaat?

      Obviously you need to read it again.

    • Anonymous

      You do not know this for sure yichud-cuddles!!

  • i thought that was the purpose of ‘jewish geography’–a sifting the origins of someone unknown.

  • Sergeant J

    He is a Rapist. I guess that would have made a shorter article, but there you have it.

    • Anonymous

      Sergeant J, you don’t know this for a fact, shame on you tonspeak like this on a man you don’t even know! Maybe he is innocent, did you think of that?? Only God knows, and for you to speak like this….is TERRIBLE!

  • Aaron

    We may never know if he did it or not. I just have one question, though. If he is such a ‘pillar of the community’ does he not know the laws of yichud?

    • charles

      He knows and thats why the door was ALWAYS OPEN as the nearby offices stated, and the thousands other girls seen by him stated

      • The Mrs.

        Source? When did they talk to “the thousand other girls”?

    • Anonymous

      Sergeant J, you don’t know this for a fact, shame on you to speak this way on a man you don’t even know! Maybe he is innocent, did you think of that?? Only God knows, and for you to speak like this….is TERRIBLE!

  • charles


  • charles

    Your basic article is based on “why would a 17 y/o girl testify against a fellow jew, and takes us to the conclussion that …. he perhaps not innocent.

    Now if she was just a 17 y/o girl, and he just a rabbi, your question is great.
    But here is the story, she had trouble with Boys since she is 9 years old, and she admits it. now no school wanted to accept this girl to school until she gets some counseling , so she went to Weberman (where BTW her 2 older sister’s went too to counseling before!). Afterwards he set her up with recording her BF doing illeagle stuff with her, and bringing forward to court (HE DID NOT COVERED it UP…!) and eventually split them.
    So now the answer to ur question is very simple, why she did the revenge to him for every price!

    • A. Nuran

      Nice use of slander, innuendo and out-and-out lies. Don’t be late for the Vaad Ha Tznius meeting. And make teshuva for using the Internet

    • The Mrs.

      “Trouble with boys since she [was] 9”? In secular society, I’d believe that to mean something substantial, but among the Satmar, even talking to a boy is considered having trouble. The whole idea doesn’t fly with me.

      • A. Nuran

        In this case it means she was a 12 year old who wrote poetry and asked how her parents and teachers knew there was a god.

        In the real world that’s being a normal tween. In Frumville it means she’s a trollop.

  • some thought

    not really sure why anyone thinks that a young woman would shame and degrade herself on the stand for the sake of “revenge” in fact, i find that defense purely ridiculous. If she wanted revenge, she would shame him within their community, not outside of it. Having problems with boys does not mean you are a complusive pathological liar. I’m also pretty sure that getting revenge over a boyfriend who she is now married anyway- so why would she care- is not worth being intimidated, bribed, her nieces get kicked out of her school- YET her aunt still supports her- her fathers business be ruined-YET her father still supports her.. On that same notion, the victim and now husband were offered half a million to drop the case. If she was a con artist, she would have grabbed the money and ran in no time. Honestly, the facts line up so straight in this case, that I feel like anyone actually defending weberman is simply in denial. -i understand the people that think, hmm he sounds guilty, but we’ll never really know for sure, that i can agree with. But people who are claiming he is the victim, its time to stop burying your head in the sand !

  • SG

    I was kind of thinking the same thing, people should let the court decide, either way, before jumping to conclusions. (But generally attitude toward sex abuse need to change in Charadi communities).
    There was another case invovling young Orthodox woman, who claim that when she was younger she was pimped by bunch of black guys, but in the end the case DA dropped the case / she withdrew her charges. I can not think of her name now.

    • kweansmom

      You don’t remember her name because it was withheld from the media. The case was very bizarre to say the least. Many people feel she was pressured to recant her accusation. I followed it somewhat, but never could figure out whom to believe. At the very least it seemed to involve statutory rape.

  • Sherree

    One more thing, does anyone who supports him want to explain why he has a bed in his office and why if he is such a stringent Chassid, and he is a member of the Vad Hatznius does he and his wife use a computer with internet connection?

  • Anonymous

    you are restricting comments

  • Anonymous

    why dont you let anyone say anything positive? unbiased media ?

  • Anonymous

    3.this is girl who has been skirting authority in the worst way . whats a little lie to that?

    • danny

      “skirting authority”?

      Anyone with a lick of sense should reject Satmar’s crooked authority.

  • suri

    Ha background check! Ha, u know what they check? If the wife shaves her hair and how thick the beige tights are

  • Weberman is not a Rabbi, nor did he ever attend Rabbinical school. He is also not a licensed councilor or therapist.

    Sources: I have been at the trial and reported on this story.

  • Rebecca

    A foul pig of a man and a rapist.

  • William Dwek

    So women – still in admiration for the rapists and abusers you cover your heads for? Wigs? Religious hogwash

  • Anonymous

    It’s called getting back at a community she resented, and was forced upon her. She might very well be cold and calculating, as people can often lie with complete conviction (e.g., Lance Armstrong). I don’t buy her story.

    • Zelda

      I don’t buy it either.

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