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Overnight Massive Construction Campaign in Israeli Occupied Territories Brings White House Condemnation

Overnight Massive Construction Campaign in Israeli Occupied Territories Brings White House Condemnation

27 Sep 2012, 6:13 PM (ET)

By SHANA HABBAB, Associated Press
WASHINGTON (AP) UN Intelligence reports what appears to be a coordinated massive construction campaign by Israeli settlers throughout the Occupied Territories.

The report presented to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, states, “Beginning Wednesday evening, under the cover of darkness, building projects suddenly appeared throughout the Occupied Territories.”

An unnamed official told Al Jazeera that “as of Thursday night, practically every settler dwelling had undergone an expansion consisting of hastily constructed booth-like edifices.”

In a sharply worded statement, US President Barack Obama declared these provocations to be “detrimental to the peace process” and called on Israel to remove these “obstacles to peace”.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s office issued a brief statement ensuring that all such construction would be dismantled within the next ten days.

U.S. Embassies in the region remain on high alert.

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  • zur

    I am in general in favor of the settlers. It seems to me that the Arabs are not going to like us very much even if we built in downtown Tel Aviv. In fact when ever we build anywhere in Israel we always get some type of jihad against us. So what is new?

    • A. Nuran

      Uh, zur, where are Orthodox Jews living for the next few days?
      You need to turn up the gain on your humor meter

  • zur

    Even though you meant the article as a joke, I still have to comment that the reality is that the complaints of Arabs are against any Jewish construction even in the borders of Israel

  • Dan

    Google is my friend.

  • Telz Angel

    The settlers have agreed to remove these expansion within 14 days.

    • Crowin’ Cock


  • A. Nuran

    Clever 😀

    • Crowin’ Cock

      Looks like y’all got me again, I didn’t get it at first.
      Chag Sameach 🙂

  • Daniel

    Quoted directly from the monthly newsletter of my homeowner’s association.

  • bt

    thank you, I liked this 🙂

  • Perhaps the best satire yet, though it’s sad that it could easily be real.

  • Huh

    Heshy has not made any posts in October