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Is there really a sheep’s milk shortage or is Trader Joe’s not willing to sell Israeli Feta?

The truth is I couldn’t care less about parve chocolate chips, but this past Tuesday I couldn’t find any pastures of Eden Feta which Trader Joe’s has carried for sometime. I was told by multiple Trader Joe’s that there was some sort of Sheep’s Milk shortage in Israel, but I couldn’t help but wonder if they were just messing with the Jews. It’s not so far fetched actually, there have been a lot of people encouraging Trader Joe’s to boycott Israeli products and this amazing Feta is very Israeli. If I could request you all to contact Trader Joe’s, share this post and do anything in your power to get this cheese back on the shelves. I really hope it is an actual sheep’s milk shortage and not some divestment of Israel, I just don’t think Jews can afford to boycott Trader Joe’s.

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  • Jochanna

    It took me all of two minutes to check the Israeli Dairy Board’s website to confirm that there is in fact a sheep’s milk shortage in Israel:


    • Jason

      Well I’m sorry not everyone visits the Israeli dairy boards website every morning for the daily news

      • Autonomouse

        However, “everyone” should before dismissing a claim of a shortage.

        Elementary research. Seriously.

        That being said, 10:1 this is satire at the willingness of our communities to go apeshit with the herd.

  • sadie

    please….have a lil more faith and respect in TJ’s. you cant afford to boycott them and they would never “mess with the jews.” the sheeps milk shortage is legit. they still carry the 2 other made in israel poducts that they’ve always had. The choco chips was a vendor issue and is being dealt with. they still have the best price on empire chicken you can get anywhere outside of costco or some gross place like that.

    • A. Nuran

      What’s wrong with Costco? They have a decent selection, good prices and treat their workers better than most.

      • And they’re clean. I’ve never been to a “gross” Costco.

  • Speaking of Costco, many of them sell the Israeli feta in a big 2-pack. Just stocked up.

    • woodeye

      Me too.

  • Though I wish it was easier to buy an American brand of kosher feta (like Millers) near where I live without paying a fortune. It’s weird that the stuff shipped 7,000 miles is significantly cheaper. I just can’t afford the millers sold for $6 for a small package in my local supermarket. Not with the large amounts of feta we consume in my house. So I buy the Israeli stuff, despite the much larger carbon footprint of its transportation.

  • A. Nuran

    Yet another reason I make my own cheese. It’s not difficult. It saves a lot of money, and it’s fun.

    • Anonymous

      What kit did u start with or use. I’m interested in trying it as well

      • A. Nuran

        I didn’t get a kit. Some instructions plus a cheap digital thermometer, a pot, some lemon juice (or citric acid or tartaric acid) and cheesecloth is all you need to get started. Handy tip – to your local homebrewing store. Get a fine-mesh nylon tricot bag. It’s a couple bucks, but it’s a lot easier to clean than real cheesecloth and lasts forever.

        Ricki Carroll’s Home Cheese Making is a great book to get started with. Her website cheesemaking.com sells starter kits and more advanced supplies if you want to go further.

        If you start making rennet cheeses make sure to get kosher vegetable or microbial rennet. A lot of what you’ll find is animal-derived and runs straight into kashrut issues.

  • bratschegirl

    Apparently the shortage has been resolved and the cheese should be back on the shelves today, at least in Northern California.

  • mark

    Costco is also stating that their Israeli Feta is out of stock. This has happened before. Does this alter the farmers’ sex lives?

  • mark

    Costco also doesn’t have Israeli feta. Both TJs and Costco have great Israeli fetas. Hope they both get them back soon.

  • Aha! Nobody told me anything about a sheep’s milk shortage, but I had to put up with inferior-tasting cow’s milk feta for three whole weeks. I just couldn’t figure out why no store in town had any tnuva sheep’s feta. Thanks for solving the mystery!

    (and yes, I’ve now stocked up, just in case of future shortages)

  • bonnie

    where in israel is this cheese made? occupied palestinian land or israel proper. personally, i’d boycott the stuff anyways even though it’s the best stuff available in my humble opinion.

  • Get Real


    The Israelis, Jordanians and Palestinians are working together on a water pipeline to benefit all of them. The last thing they need is you injecting your negativism and your own political slant on the relationship between Jews and Arabs. Know what you’re talking about before you take a swipe at the Israelis. Most of them want peaceful co-existence.

  • Fonda

    If there is a Middle Eastern (Arab, Armenian, Greek, Assyrian, etc.) store near you, they will likely have sheep’s milk feta from Bulgaria and/or France. It’s usually inexpensive and delicious.

  • Melissa Anne

    Oh my!! I have to say this is the best Israel Feta..so creamy and I find, buying it in the package, not crumbed is cheaper. The cheese shop Manager at Wegmans taught me this. I also like it more on the chunky side too! Great product! We are getting a Trader Joes in our area soon! Hopefully, they carry it there and it’s cheaper! Love this product!!

  • Kraig Adler

    Wegmans in Ithaca, NY, has stopped carrying this feta because of a pricing dispute with the supplier. Last year our store sold 3000 pounds! Please settle this dispute because we love this brand.

  • Louise Gia

    Wegman’s Corporate has confirmed that Garden of Eden Feta will no longer be on their shelves! Of course, I went at them with my sharpened pen.
    Miss this amazing feta 🙁

  • guyjones

    TJ’s in D.C. has this stuff; I just bought it this past week (7/17/14). Proud to support a great Israeli product and a true democracy thriving amidst wanton barbarism in a sea of hostility and ill-will. And, yeah, it’s great cheese, too, LOL.

  • woodeye

    I buy Israeli sheeps milk feta at COSTCO for a very reasonable price.

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  • Nancy Hammerman

    I asked at my local TJ’s and they said they are discontinuing because they want to carry their own private label brand but it is not sheep’s milk. For those of us allergic to cow, all we can eat is sheep or goat and this cheese is the best…I am desperate to find it in LA. I checked Gelson’s and Whole Foods but no luck.