Was the Asifa a greater Chillul Hashem than Feldman?

Feldman was evil because she made the world think we were all dysfunctional and mad, those same people who hated on Feldman made a far worse chillul hashem than Feldman could ever dream of…unless of course you’re one of those who are convinced that whatever God, ahem, the Gedolim say is binding and truth.

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  • http://ha-mayvinyavin.blogspot.com/2012/02/you-dont-have-tv-and-none-of-your.html Alter Cocker

    Suffice it to say they were both pretty bad.

    It disgusts me to have these lunatics gather together and claim to be representing all of klal yisrael, while they waste millions of dollars.

  • jo

    heshy you should know i learn every week with a rav in chabad and he said that originally they weren’t invited because the organizers realized that they pasken by their own poseks. but later for achdut yisroel, they were actually invited. so you are incorrect on that score. secondly it was a big kiddush hashem because at least it shows the world that we care enough to be worried and try and do something about it. now what comes from this we will see.

    • http://www.frumsatire.net Heshy Fried

      So chabad was invited for achdus, do you realize how silly that sounds? All Jews should have been invited, that’s like saying we should only be nice to goyim is because it’s a kiddush hashem, not because it’s the right way to treat people.

      I have yet to see any kiddush hashem in 40,000 people gathering at a rally about how impure and terrible one of the greatest gifts to mankind is. Can you explain how a bunch of phony gedolim bashing something that has helped millions of people in countless ways could possibly be a kiddush Hashem. The only kiddush hashem from any Rabbi regarding the asifa has been from Manis Freedman who told it like it should have been told.

      All it did, was strengthen most people’s opinion that true gedolim have been dead for sometime. If there was one positive speech it may have been different, but all it was was a conference of negativity and we know that to be a big chillul hashem.

      • Anonymous

        What kind of achdus? I read that a Sephardic rabbi from Israel was disinvited, because he speaks in Hebrew, and using Hebrew to discuss the internet is sacreligious. Klal Yisrael=Yiddish speakers, and not even all of them. Why would anyone pay attention to this meshuga?. Oh, no one does.

    • Alter Cocker

      kiddush hashem? do you know how ridiculous this makes Jews look? I hate when the fringe lunatics get themselves on the front page

  • http://evolvingjew.wordpress.com Philo

    “a bunch of phony gedolim”

    That implies that there’s any such thing as a non-Phony gadol. The whole concept of “gedolim” is ridiculous.

    • A. Nuran

      Hey, if the Catholics can have a Pope we can have dozens!

    • http://AztecQueen2000.blogspot.com AztecQueen2000

      There is only one true Gadol. And as far as I’m concerned, HE has never taken on a human form.

  • Anon

    Ill have you know that not all observant people were that impressed with some of the talk at the Asifa (and I mean really observant).

    For anyone to think that every observant Jew is in agreement with whatever all or some Rabbis say, it aint happening. Most speak up wherever, whenever they feel like it, and arent fearful at all to do so.

    No blanket statements about Observant people, please. They and their opinions are as different as the colors of the rainbow.

  • thinking outloud

    The part at the end where you pretend that you didn’t know how to use a computer, parodying the people who were talking about (and assuring) the internet at the asifa who themselves had probably never even used the internet …priceless!

  • Mordechai

    From what I’ve heard from multiple people is that the Asifa was the most pointless thing done by Charedim and Chassidim. I’ve heard that from one Sephardic Charedi rav, and a Satmar rav. They don’t think it’s a Chillul HaShem, but that it was just pointless.