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Ever see a Jewish star in the urinal?

Someone mentioned seeing a Jewish star in the urinal drain, I should have mentioned it in the shul bathroom post.

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  • Michael K

    Yup. Thanks, Hesh.

  • Ariella Weingarten

    In the old Congregation Beth Hamedrosh of Overbrook Park building (outside of Philadelphia) the men’s bathrooms had urinals with Jewish stars in them. It totally freaked us out.

    • Michael K

      And why were you peering into the men’s urinals? hm?

  • Hah!

    When I saw the title – for a second I thought you wanna know if I ever peeked over at the next urinal while peeing and saw Shwekey or Avraham Fried!!!!!!

    • Michael K

      Or Shmuley Boteach?

  • zach

    More work by the Freemasons (apparently their skills extend to porcelain, not just brickwork), the same guys who put the Jewish star on the Great Seal of the US…

  • MBM

    I own an old-fashioned, evil Zionist colander…the metal kind… prolly made from the leg braces stolen from poor Arab kids (Oy!)…has the holes punched out in the shape of Stars of David.

  • Telz Angel

    There is another famous example of a Jewish star on a toilet, and by toilet, I mean Teheran.

    Last year someone used Google Maps to discover one in the center of the roof on the airport in Teheran, allegedly left there by the Israeli engineering team who build the airport in the early 1970’s. Apparently they destroyed it?

    Google Maps also shows that someone made most of the streen intersections in Teheran look like the Christian cross — they should blow those up too.