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About That Newt Gingrich Quote…

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  • A. Nuran December 19, 2011, 4:02 PM

    Even a stopped clock is correct twice a day.
    In Newt’s case a clock that’s going backwards at 10000 rpm should be able to hit the right numbers a little more often than that.

  • Frum Jewish Taxpayer December 19, 2011, 8:37 PM

    Can someone please explain to me WHY everyone is MORE upset (more ink written, more criticism, more complaints from Jewish “progressives” and “Peace Lovers”, etc.) with the “event” of what Gingrich said (all of which is true and accurate by any objective historical standard), than anyone was when Fatah unified with Hamas into a single government this year (April 2011) or when Fatah reaffirmed in August 2009 in Bethlehem that the “armed struggle” to liberate Jaffa and Ramle and Haifa WILL continue after a Palestinian State is set up in the West Bank?
    In other words, the “progressive” community who support the “Peace Process” (including news media outlets) and who lecture righteously on how “harmful” Gingrich’s (truthful and accurate) comments are to the “Peace Process” were SILENT as a mouse in 2011 when the PA unified with Hamas, and in 2009 when the PA resolved to USE any “Peace Process”-created state to continue the armed struggle.
    The answer is, quite simply, the “Peace Process” is an irrational religion itself that has nothing to do with facts and reality, and has everything to do with politicians, pundits, diplomats, ivory tower intellectuals and others making excuses for their failed ideas.
    Basically they hate Gingrich’s comments, because it exposes their own fraudulent “Peace Process”, and they like pretending that their failed policies (The “Peace Process”) actually makes sense, when it doesn’t.

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