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Masturbation Can Lead To Serial Killing

You read that correctly. According to GuardYourEyes, keep masturbating, and one day you might find yourself butchering a group of people because your dog told you so. Or maybe your logic is that since you’re killing all your sperm cells anyhow, it’s not such a big jump to doing people. I don’t know what the logic is exactly because, of course, I don’t masturbate. Maybe one of you who does can tell me what’s going through that twisted mind of yours.

For those of you who may not be familiar with GuardYourEyes, this is a site that encourages you to think that you have a sexual addiction so that you stop jacking off. (Motto: Whatever it takes.) The site is based off CovenantEyes, a Christian anti-jerking site, and links back to it in a number of places where Yeshiva guy writing isn’t up to the task. So, for example, if you click on the “How do I know if I’m addicted to porno?” FAQ, you get a carefully crafted page from Covenanteyes that says “Yes, you are”. But being that CovenantEyes is frequented by people who have gone to college, they have to make it seem totally irreligious and science based. So instead of just quoting a halacha sefer they learned in high school to tell you you’re a pervert and should be ashamed of your dirty dirty self, Covenanteyes brings you a list of questions that sound psychologistey. So questions like-

“Do you feel empty or shameful after viewing or masturbating using pornography?”

and “Does it seem as though there is another person or force inside of you that drives you to pornography?”

and “Do your sexual thoughts and/or behaviors interfere with your spiritual or religious life? Do your sexual thoughts and/or behaviors cause you to believe that you don’t deserve to have a religious or spiritual life? ”

-are sandwiched between legitimate addiction questions like-

“Do you spend more money than you can afford to spend on pornography?”

and “Have you lost a job or risked losing a job because of your involvement with pornography?”

and my favorite: “Do you look at pornography or masturbate while driving?”

Can I just take a moment to say that this is perverse and evil by any definition other than a religious one? You know, if you have a religious concern with beating off and you want to tell people that it’s wrong according to the Bible or you’ll go to hell or whatever, fine. I may disagree with what I feel is a fear-based outlook on life, but that’s just my opinion. But how can you justify causing innocent people to believe that they have a serious mental health problem – and pushing therapy and other drastic life changes- just because you feel that it’s wrong to jerk off?

The reason they don’t feel bad doing such evil things is because they feel that being motzi zerah levatalah is a cardinal sin. They feel that it’s destroying society and keeping us in exile (don’t trust me, read the site). Through such a vantage point, with such huge things at stake, it’s easy to justify using subterfuge and manipulation. It’s an all out war to them, and anything goes in war. Even sacrificing some lives.

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  • Don’t you know anything? Masturbation obviously leads to earthquakes!

    • Anonymous

      It’s true! This afternoon I was thinking of Heshy’s cute little tuches in his bike shorts… And whoops! Earthquake!

      • Andonymous

        Semen Tov…U’Mazal RA Yehei Lanu U’Lchol Yisrael.

        Those little swimmers in your underpants pack quite a wallop when it comes to altering international affairs and natural phenomena. It’s the last place anyone would have thought to look for a culprit, but given what we know about the powers of recreational-release semen, it can now be proven with veracity that “The future of Klal Yisrael is truly in your hands.”

        In the 20th Century, it was ‘Guard Your Tongue’; in the 21st Century, our mission is ‘Guard Your Dong.’

        “Guardyoureyes.org” gets updated every night with insightful and inventive new tactics against this nasty, self-defeating habit. Using the internet, they have made it their electronic mission, or e-mission, to provide new ways of looking at this problem, in order to cope with it. Thus, as it is internet-based and updated on a nightly basis, this website may be suitably categorized as a “Nocturnal e-mission.” And this is widely regarded as the prevailing solution to the woes of masturbatory peril.

        • Anonymous

          Oh. But I am semen free, being that I am female.

          So I guess it wasn’t my fault with the earthquake afterall! Whew!

    • A. Nuran

      The Earth only moves for me when I’m with a woman.

  • Four Knuckle Shuckle

    Logic to “beating off leads to mass murder”: it’s all that practice choking the chicken will make it easy to choke another person.

    • “Four Knuckle Shuckle” Lol!

    • A. Nuran

      If it were true every 13 year old boy and almost all girls would have embarked on a life of crime by now. You might as well say breathing leads to mass murder.

      • Anonymous

        well it does 🙂

  • Looks like the hyperlinks were erased. Here’s the main one (serial killin’):

  • Catholic Mom

    Actually they’re claiming that serial killers are often attracted to violent pornography. Ted Bundy actually did say that he became addicted to violent pornography to the point that he could only become excited by imagining himself harming a woman. Eventually imagining wasn’t enough. Even harming wasn’t enough.

    • Lirehagi

      He was trying to manipulate Mr. Dawson from Focus on the Family when he said that.

      • Lirehagi

        *autocorrect error: I meant DOBSON

        • CM, if you check out the article, it’s titled “where this addiction can lead”. It’s a scare tactic, and one of many examples of subversive articles disguised as “information” that they have on their site.
          Don’t be so quick to not judge 😉

    • A. Nuran

      And there have been real, broadly based studies recently that show the opposite. Use of the “p-word” leads to less rape.

  • Lirehagi

    In that case, the world is at least 90% potential serial killers (rolls eyes). Does anyone actually take that site seriously?

    • Judging from the forum comments, it looks like they have a lot of members. I’ve also had commenters on this site quote me stuff from there.
      Oh, I also noticed that they refer to their commenters as Warriors, which seems to reinforce my point.

      • Lirehagi

        Any so-called SA site whose secong Google hit is a rant about how “Titanic” is a horribly impure movie because the camera zooms up on a photo of a completely undressed girl for a second, and calls the narrator a hero for throwing a tantrum in a movie theater, isn’t valid IMHO. I can’t take such a site seriously. I may be young and dumb, but my BS-o-meter works just fine.

  • Anonymous

    BTW, why is the site called ‘Guard your eyes’ and not ‘Guard your hands’? Much more appropriate, IMHO. Unless the danger is guys getting off looking @ their own penises. 🙂

  • Catholic Mom

    I believe you’re mischaracterizing this site. You’re certainly mischaracterizing the Christian site it links to. It’s an anti-pornography site. Anybody who doesn’t think pornography in our society is a huge problem — especially for kids who can get torrents of the most sick stuff just by turning on the computer — has been living on mars for the last 10 years.

    • Telz Angel

      P0rn is a problem that is best addressed by flooding the marketplace and internet with erotica. Much better stuff. Promotes love and appreciation of s3xuality. Also usually good enough to get you ready to act (in solo, pairs, or more). I’d suggest redirecting rather than blocking.

  • Harlan

    Of course I masturbate while driving. Why did you think I got the leather steering wheel cover?

    • As long as you stay away from the cigarette lighter…

  • Yochanan

    Has anyone tried to troll the sight?

    Like write in the forum how much the website itself turns you on. Catch-22, huh?