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Adding “dik” to certian Jewish words changes them

Orthodox Jews have their own language, some call it yinglish, but we really add English, Yiddish, Hebrew, Aramaic and random terms from the Torah into out lingo. Where else can you find a people that adds an improper word like “dick” to change the meaning of a word. Below are the most famous possibilities, but I’m sure there are more – there has got to be more and I hope you will tell me/us what they are.

shabbosdik – not nice for shabbos, wearing that shirt is not shabbosdik

gayvadik – someone who is really haughty

yuntiffdik – not proper for yuntiff, riding a bike may be allowed, but it’s not yuntiffdik

gevaldik – the chasunah was amazing – gevaldik!

Leibadik – the dancing at the chasunah was really leibadik, the rosh yeshiva even got into it.

Pesachdik – do you have pesachdik dishes?

chutzpahdik – that child is so chutzpahdik, she doesn’t know how to talk to teachers.

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  • Bfeirush in Fartscroll

    And of course the words it is ossur for any bas yisroel to utter:

  • Bfeirush in Fartscroll

    And of course the word it is ossur for any bas yisroel to utter:

    • Bournemouth Bucher

      We heard you the first time. Thank you.

  • Bfeirush in Fartscroll

    And of course the word it is ossur for any bas yisroel to utter:

    • Bournemouth Bucher

      And we heard you the second time, too. Thank you.

  • talking stam

    the correct definition of shabbosdik is that it IS appropriate for shabbos, and yuntufdik means it is appropriate for yom tov. it is usually used to point out something not appropriate, but then you say “not shabbosdik”

    chutzpadik is the worst word ever. hearing it makes me think of old, bearded, angry child molesters. not sure why.

    • nava h.

      thanks for the clarification, I was wondering about random double negatives.

  • Izzy (1)

    A lady went to resort in the Catskills. She wanted to go swimming in a bikini. The lifesaver told her, “You have to wear only a one-piece bathing suit.”

    She replied, “Which piece should I wear, the milchidik or the fleishidik?”

    • ish_elokim


      • RebTirza


  • red

    the opposite of shabbosdik and yuntifdik is vochadik which means wekday-ish. dik is essentially the yiddish equivalent of ish.
    those who have issues with tacking on dik as a suffix often add -ey i.e. shabbosy, yuntifey…
    and as a kid we never said chutzpadik we always called each other chutzpenyaks.

    • ISR

      Actually to be acurate the “dik” is not the equivalent of “ish” but rather lends the meaning “being of” or “being for”
      i.e. shabbosdik – being for shabbos, chutzpadik – being of chutzpa, leibedik – being lively, etc.

      • Dovid

        Does this mean I’m Jewdik?
        and BT is someone who is getting frumdik?

        I think I’ll keep the goydik ish instead of certain yeshivish diks.

  • John

    I dont get it these are all exmples of correctly used yiddish words of which there are dozens. I thought you would have at least one English word that was “yiddishized” by tacking on “dik” at the end

  • Off the Oj

    We have the same concept in English anyway. It’s like colloquially saying something is shabbos-y. Or if the word can appropriately take an “ish” at the end. But Yiddish is very informal so every word can take on the “dik.”

  • Soul Bratha

    Well the best one I can think of is suckmydick. That aint Yiddish it’s French LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    Damn your such a dik LOL

    • soul bratha

      your hutzpahdick minus the hutzpah

  • Heshy Rearden

    this post is totally k’nokedik

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  • Don’t open that cupboard!! If the Pesachdik dish breath in the chametzdik air they will be traifdik.

  • Let’s not forget: Heshyyouradik

  • chuni

    actualy, its supposed to be “-dig” not “-dik”, but those modern orthodox koyfrim corrupted it 😀

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  • See this? “…her amiable milchidik bedmate…” from a Woody Allen article:


  • darex

    when you define a word, you shouldn’t negate it in your example.