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Do you enjoy Goyuerism?

I gotta hand it to my friend Jonathan for coming up with Goyeurism.The joy that some Jews get out of watching the goyim do things that Jews just don’t do, in this case it was eating ribs and drinking beer while watching a Pink Floyd cover band. Or this may even be a better term for those Chassidim who can’t seem to stop staring at non-Jews or people who don’t look Chassidish.

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  • Dr. Shrink

    I am guilty of staring too- so call me a name…how bout Titty-rism. I don’t hate on the hassy’s for starin. Come on now, we r all guilty in some ways.

    • Rohr

      You are right. It is 100% human to be curious, and even appreciative of something different. Without curiosity and appreciation we would be expendable robots just like the Nazis (not all Germans) wanted. All things happen for a reason (even if a good reason is beyond our realm of current comprehension) and are made in the image of G-d. Thus, men, women, heteros, homos, blacks, whites, Jew and gentile and everything / everyone in between, are made of and in aspects of [His] being. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. [Matthew 7:12] Not a Christian here, but this is a GREAT teaching – no matter who it is from.

      • Witness

        “no matter who it is from”- See Leviticus 19:18. A little earlier than Jesus, I think.

  • Mendi & Heidi

    Maybe the kid in the pic wants to know if the guy is wearing a $3000 ‘Georgie’

    • Mahla

      LOL! ;^D

  • Is that one of Ken’s comics?

  • Ell

    or people kissing in public. or doing more.

  • jonathan

    Your friend is a genius! Goyeurism. I almost fell off my chair laughing. Who is this guy Jonathan and how come I don’t have friends like that?

  • jonathan

    That’s me!

    • One of your multiple personalities is hilarious. That word is genius.

      • ben k

        Thats my dad 🙂

  • Radical Centrist

    Say what you will about the goys. Eggnog is delicious.

    • and mostly kosher

      • A. Nuran

        What’s not kosher about eggnog assuming all the ingredients are kosher?

        Milk – dairy
        Eggs – pareve under normal conditions (not found in the chicken, no blood, etc)
        Cream – dairy
        Booze – pareve
        Spices – pareve
        Citrus Peel – pareve

        Is there something I’m missing here?

        • Geoff

          Citrus peel? Interesting. I assume it would be possible for commercially made eggnog to have some sort of non-kosher gelatin stabilizer thingy like some half-and-half allegedly does. For the most part I think people are just reacting to the connection between eggnog and non-Jewish holidays (chukas goyim)?


          • Nah they probably use Lecithin or pectin or careenegen or something like that.

          • A. Nuran

            I haven’t had commercially-made eggnog in over a decade. Make my own from those ingredients every year. It doesn’t need any stabilizers. If it did, I’d use all-vegetable lecithin. It’s cheaper and better than the crud-in-a-carton and never lasts long enough to separate or go bad.

          • A. Nuran

            Eggnog is just the last and least of a huge tradition of milk-based and egg-based alcoholic beverages. Hardly anyone drinks bishop or hippocras or caudle or athelbros or the rest these days. They’re still great. They just aren’t popular at the moment.

            It’s like fruit and meat. There are hundreds of wonderful recipes that combine them – chicken with preserved sweet lemons, lamb with apricots (best in the world), beef stewed with plums. Ask a thousand people, 999 will only remember the swine ‘n pine pizza.

            • Chris_B

              Apples are also very good to cook with beef

        • Daniel

          Not at all. It can be kosher. But, would need a hechsher.

          • Anonymous

            you can buy kosher eggnogg. Go to your local LCBO – and buy what’s called Advocaat. It’s actually parve and it’s delicious!

            • Daniel

              I’ve had that.

          • Anonymous

            you can buy kosher egg nogg. It’s called Advocaat. You can buy it at you local LCBO (most carry it). It’s made in Holland and doesn’t have a hechsher on the bottle, but it is on ‘the list’ in England. It’s actually parve and it’s delicious!

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  • BigPhil

    I was so guilty of goyeurism in Disney World this summer as I stared at people chomping on those rancid looking turkey legs.

    If it was kosher, I’d clearly be doing too, but it being treif allowed me to take the moral high ground.

    • Daniel

      Turkey legs are awful. You think it’s going to be a Flinstones moment, but they have these big tendons running through.

      I don’t know why G-d made turkeys with legs.

      • hebrewgirl

        So they could cross the road, just like all of us who walk on land.

  • Abijah

    Do you think people would pay to watch me eat a ham and cheese sandwich?

    • Tirtza

      Better chance of getting something like Aish to sponsor you not to eat the sandwich.

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  • Tirtza

    I am guilty of this from just this week. I went with a friend to a concert of a not-so-kosher performer in what turned out to be a very not-kosher setting. I spent more time staring at the clothing and behavior of the people around us then at the concert. My friend kept nudging me and reminding me “If you can see them, they can see you, stop staring!” It was hard to look away! And unfortunately most of the people I was staring at were probably Yids behaving like goyim. It was sad, I think that will be my last safe-treif concert.

    • Catholic Mom

      If they were “yids” then by definition they were behaving like “yids.” Unless they were under gunpoint at the time.

      You know, when I was a kid my mother told me that thing about the Jews is that they’re obsessed with money and sex. I believed her, so I married one. Then I find out too late that racist stereotypes are not all true! 🙂

      • Rohr

        Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

  • Yoreh K’chetz (aka Phil)

    I may have been guilty of goyeurism staring at untznius shiksas a few times (or perhaps more). Or is that voyeurism?


    is staring at all the pretty christmas lights an example of Goyuerism?

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  • dassi

    i am orthodox (a bit off the derech) and have dreadlocks. i get stared at by the yids and the goyim. what do you call that- LOL! and please- if you comment, don’t be mean to me.