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Kol Nidre is the chazzan’s world series

There are dozens of kol nidre videos on You Tube, here are some interesting one’s for your enjoyment.

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  • Mahla

    Wow, those were BEAUTIFUL! I had only heard the Jazz Singer one before and I had no idea if they were singing a song, a prayer or what. That last one is the best!

  • I liked the first one. Those candles, the rain, the shadows, it’s like A Bela Lugosi Yom Kippur.
    I can never get into kol nidre. It’s a nice tune and it draws you in to think about the words, and it’s – Hatoras Nedarim.
    First off, not inspirational material at all. Second, didn’t we do that already?

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  • FrumGer

    I liked the first one..

  • Schwartzie

    I like the third one, but I definitely prefer listening to cantorial music anywhere but in shul.

  • The “Moroccan Kol Nidrei” video is interesting. Sounds like a Gregorian chant, which says to me that it was brought to North Africa by Spanish exiles after 1391 or 1492. A number of the Spanish/Portuguese tunes (I used to attend the Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue in NYC at times) sound like Gregorian chant. Which shouldn’t be that surprising, it seems to have been the liturgical music of medieval Western Europe – English plainsong is also similar.