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Israeli soldiers make seminary girls swoon

Joel Chasnoff is a funny guy. He’s also a very nice dude and he just wrote a book (188th crybaby) of which that I have been meaning to get a review copy. His book is a funny memoir about his stint in the IDF and he just made a short video about how he felt as a soldier. For some reason there has been a dearth of good funny Jewish videos lately and that may be the reason that I have watched the video at least 5 times already. If you happen to have seen any good Jewish videos lately please email them to me.

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  • hannah


  • This video could easily be made with reverse gender roles – i.e. with female Israeli soldiers and yeshiva dudes

    • ‘nonymous

      It’d be hard to work in the pseudo-phallic symbolism of the gun though

      • Nah, all women secretly long to pee standing up and dominate a man.

        • I don’t know about all, but, it’s not a small percentage, to be sure.

  • Yochanan

    So, basically he’s overcompensating.

    • A. Nuran

      I though I’d responded to your message. Drat WordPress. Look at my message below. He’s not “overcompensating”. He’s self-aware and has a well-developed sense of irony.

      • Yochanan

        Then again, someone in that good physical shape probably doesn’t need a gun to feel confident.

  • Laugh all you want, but the guy’s right. American girls LOVE chayalim. (I even married one.)

  • Avrumy

    Israeli soldiers make me swoon, too.

  • A. Nuran

    I’m not one of the stupid-minded E. O. Wilson “evolutionary psychologist” types, but there’s some truth there. You’ve got a guy who is young, fit and dressed neatly. He has a confident posture and body language. Odds are his testosterone is up, and if a girl is around ovulation she can probably smell it. He does something dangerous for a living and is still living. He’s part of a group which is respected in his country for protecting everyone.

    That’s enough to carbonate most straight girls’ hormones.

    And yeah, he’s carrying around a big metal bullet-spooging rifle. If you’re around guns a lot they lose the mystique pretty quickly, and the whole rifle == shmekele thing is exaggerated. But it adds to the air of danger. Other unarmed guys will make themselves a little smaller. Girls will notice all this.

    • Yochanan

      So the seminary girls from Chutz LaAretz are all like “Look at that tough gun-wielding soldier,” while native born Israeli girls, who’ve seen it all their lives, are like “Whatever. I can shoot too.”

      Is that a good way to sum it up?

      • A. Nuran

        Pretty much.

  • was there…..

    lol…it is pretty true…